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The Redmire Common – Ben Stock

The Redmire Common – Ben Stock

The Redmire Common – Ben Stock 4/5 (80%) 1 vote

What an unbelievable three weeks I’ve had! First bagging Jacko’s at 43lb 10oz, second the Broken Lin at 40lb 6oz and now one of the stunning Redmire Commons at 38lb. I must say, Wraysbury 1, you have been pretty good to me.

The third capture came after another quick overnighter Thursday last week. I got to the lake around 7:30pm after finishing work pretty late then proceeded to make my way round to peg 16 The Turfs. I’d already tied my rigs at work so was just the case of finding a spot and getting them out there. I ended up fishing both rods to a spot 14 wraps out directly facing Springate’s in around 11-12ft of water. I fished my usual set up of a simple knotless knot rig with the hair cut off and replaced with a hook swivel and bead, then topped it off with a pink CC Moore Northern Special. Throughout the evening I went with the “little and often” approach with baiting up, each time just scattering a few CC Moore Live System boilies over the spot with a throwing stick.

I must have only had the rods out five hours or so and was fast asleep when the right hand went and the ECU’s were completely flat lining, the fish took at least 30 yards of line before I manged to get out my bed and pick the rod up, I ran out in the pitch black, with no socks or shoes on and my head torch lost somewhere in the bivvy! Bloody nightmare!

Five minutes in and still trying to wipe the sleep out of my eyes, I managed to get her in close but shortly after I did, she roared off again, taking another 40 yards of line and kiting straight off to the right under the overhanging tree. She put up an incredible fight but as it went on I could gradually felt her getting tired and was slowly gaining yards on her, the fight lasted for around 15 minutes and then the stubborn old carp surfaced and drifted into the net. Straightaway I knew she was a specimen worthy of a call to the fishery manager so I sacked her and let her rest until first light. I gave Rupert Whiteman a bit of a rude awakening as I had to be at work for 6:30am and he answered the phone with the words “Oh F off Ben” and I laughed saying yep, I’ve got another one in the sling.

At first I thought I had Red October but once Rupert arrived he confirmed she was one of The Redmire Commons, an absolutely stunning, dark topped, red-bellied character, and in my eyes, probably one of the prettiest fish I’ve ever caught! We got some spot on shots and set her free, and then I reluctantly made my way to work, 2 hours late (sorry boss if you see this)!

Rupert, thank you again for the photos man, and sorry for getting you out of bed so early!

Karlos, you’re a legend, keep em coming cuz, love ya.

The search for King Fungus continues…….

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