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The Pretty Common – Ryan Searle

The Pretty Common – Ryan Searle

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On arrival to my club lake Friday night to start the bank holiday weekend, I noticed the lake was fairly busy so I settled down into a swim in a small bay where I’d seen fish the night before on a walk round. After getting the rods out on dark and putting a kilo or so of boilie out, I kept my eyes and ears out for any signs of fish throughout the night.

On the saturday morning, it was apparent to me that the fish had done the off and I set about packing my gear back onto the barrow and seeing if any swims were coming free. After a good walk round and stopping off for a few cuppas it was clear there were fish in the another bay enjoying the sun. I parked the barrow up in a swim and set about watching the fish for a while to see what they were doing and see if there was any way I could present to them from the swim which is very weedy.

It wasn’t until around 4pm that I decided to have a lead about and try to find a clear area in the weed, which I confirmed was very thick. Eventually, I found a nice, clear silty area over the back of the weed bed, it was also an area a lot of fish would have to pass if they were to leave or enter the bay. Later that evening I put 3 kilo of Pacific Tuna boilies out that I’d soaked in Hot Chorizo Extract and Red Pepper Extract with a healthy dosee of rock salt.

The night passed fairly quietly but I did have a few liners which was enough to make me think the fish were still present. Later that morning, the sun was back out and the fish were definitely back in the area in numbers. Again, I decided to put roughly 3 kilos of boilies out onto my tight spot that I’d decided to fish both rods on a couple of feet apart, one on the deck and one fished just off the bottom.

Monday morning came and after a few brews with a mate next door everything looked perfect with a mist rolling and no bird activity in the area. At around 7:30, I was alerted by two beeps to find a kingfisher had landed on the left hander and my mate jokingly said: “that’ll be away in a soon”. No more than 2 minutes later the left hander went into meltdown! I got down to the swim and picked up the rod to see that the fish was up on the top, which indicated to me that the lead had dumped nicely, and I was in direct contact. The fish came in nicely over the 40+ yards of thick weed and mid fight, I noticed that it was a common so I was straight into the water and she slipped over the cord nicely and we realised she was a special one!
Absolutely buzzing we let her recover in the net for 5 minutes while I stuck the kettle on. After a quick brew, we hoisted her out and she was a lot bigger than I first thought and amazingly pulled the needle round to 40lb 11oz, a new PB for me and what a fish it was, aptly named the Pretty Common. I was made up! We got a couple snaps and watched her go back for a quick sulk then power off into the pit! What a morning!

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