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The Edge…Krill Micromass – Jimmy Hibbard

The Edge…Krill Micromass – Jimmy Hibbard

The Edge…Krill Micromass – Jimmy Hibbard 3.1/5 (63%) 8 votes

There has been some awesome new products been released this year from CC Moore’s, but one that took my eye and fancied having a go with was the new Krill Micromass. Most of you may have already seen it through the magazines and over social media pages. It’s a moist mix that is full of attraction, which also breaks down very well in all water temperatures. There are a number of ways you can use it, I am going to run you through the different ways I used it on my last session to suit my style of fishing and the results that I had whilst using it.

Like I said, there are many ways of using the Krill Micromass. At the top of the list is adding it to your stick mix. If like me you have a certain bag mix which you employ with high confidence and tend not to change much or add any more products, just try adding some Micromass as it adds another dimension. Usually, I add my liquids with a small amount of water to dampen the mix, but now there is no reason to as I have replaced the water with Micromass. With it being  damp and pliable, I’m still able to bind the stick mix to how I want it.

The next way of implementing it is to add it to spod mixes with a smidging of warm water. The water encourages the Micromass to release quicker and also gives off a lovely cloud as it hits the surface, which drops through the water column. Forming a small ball the size of a 20mm boilie or bigger and even placing  your chosen boilie in the centre and catapulting them as loose feed around the hook bait. Soaking the balls in liquid foods such as Krillamino or the Liquid Tuna Extract  etc is also another good way to boost the attraction.  It is one of those products that is versatile so you can do whatever you want to put your own edge on it too.

As usual, I arrived at my local syndicate lake straight from work, it had been a mild day for the time of year. The fish were very active swimming about up in the water soaking up the rays of the early spring sunshine. I had picked my swim due to the majority of the carp being in front of it. To pull the fish down to my chosen areas I introduced three small balls of Krill Micromass which I had placed two 15 mm Pacific Tuna  boilies inside, then soaked in Liquid Tuna Extract, whilst I set up the rods.

I placed my rods in the areas I had chosen with small PVA bags of my stick mix, with added Micromass, dipped the bag in the Tuna Extract and introduced a small handful of 10mm offerings. Within ten minutes I was attached to a carp, I went onto land the fish as well as two other  fish over the course of the night. After every bite I topped the swim up with three balls and some Tuna. The following morning as the sun came up the carp rose in the water crusing around again. Re-positioning and firing out the balls of Micromass this time with a small amount of warm water to the mix, another bite occurred rather quickly resulting in another carp on the bank. I could now see the carp in numbers in front of me as I observed from up a tree. I was watching them make a b-line straight towards the spot as I introduced the balls of Micromass again. You could also see them clouding up the water on the shallow spot. The rest of the morning past landing another two carp taking the tally to six fish with the biggest just going over the twenty mark.

Over the course of the session my confidence grew loads in the Krill Micromass and after my results it is definitely something I am going to keep in my bait bucket over the course of this year. As I said before, it can be used in so many ways. It’s just up to you how you want to use it by putting your own touch to it.


Good luck and enjoy it!

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