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The Big, Norfolk Scaly – Harry Pratt

The Big, Norfolk Scaly – Harry Pratt

The Big, Norfolk Scaly – Harry Pratt 5/5 (100%) 2 votes

<div>Upon arrival on the Friday afternoon after work, the lake was fairly busy.  But, with a super-sexy wind blowing into a bay at one end of the lake, I had very limited options as to where I could set up and feel confident I had a chance in catching. A couple of laps later, I spotted one of my target fish right on the back of the wind, which was enough to tempt me to do the night in that peg. Unfortunately, nothing unfolded overnight and with conditions still spot on at the far end, a move of swims was in order. Luckily, one member had just completed his 3rd and final night, so I took the opportunity to jump in his grave!

From the second I set up , everything just felt so right! The rods went out a treat, I introduced a good half a bucket of Pacific Tuna and Live System 15mm boilies in along with a good dose of GLM extract and a hint of Red Pepper Extract. Things were looking spot on and it really was just a waiting game. Knowing this particular area of the lake was well known for morning bites, I felt no urge to work the swim or try to keep on my toes as usual – something told me to sit back, and leave the rest to the carp gods.
The next morning came around in no time at all, and although the rods were sat untouched, I just had to hold out for a little bit longer in hope of some action. As I sat with my mate in the peg next door, my right had rod went into meltdown. It was a crazy battle and after weeding me and wiping out all 3 rods to the angler on my right, finally there was a chunky carp sulking in my net! It was almost certainly a personal best common.
We recognised the fish as one called “Jigsaw” for its unique scale pattern on one side. She tipped the scales at 36lb 10oz, result!
I started to pack down as I’d already stayed longer than planned, but once my brolly was in the bag, the middle rod, fished on the same spot as the right hand rod, just pulled up tight before line started ticking off the spool. Just minutes after slipping back one of the best commons in the lake, I was in again! This one felt a lot less powerful, but put up a very deep, slow, wallowing fight. With a misty rain trickling onto the lake, the other anglers had resorted to there bivvies and with the fish being buried in a ball of weed, I just managed to land my second fish of the morning from the usually testing venue. Peeling the weed out of my net, I got more and more nervous, before a beast of a mirror appeared out of nowhere! Instantly, I knew it was the sought-after “Double Row” a big Norfolk scaly. It was one that I dearly wanted to have the pleasure of catching, and to add it onto my tally for the season so early I was made up. Size really is irrelevant when they look like that but for the record, she went 38lb 1oz.
I couldn’t believe my luck and travelled home with a grin on my face like a 5 year old at Christmas!

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