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Target Fish caught Instantly on the CC Moore Meteor

Target Fish caught Instantly on the CC Moore Meteor

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Early one Tuesday morning I decided to have a look at a spot that I had seen some fish basking in the sun under some weed debris on the surface a few days before.

I quietly crept down to the spot to see a couple of fish there again, a handful of crumbed CC Moore Meteor was placed near them on a clear spot tight to the margin and I left the area to give them a chance to have a feed if they wanted to.

After 10 minutes or so I went to check the spot again only to see 2 fish start approaching the bait and instantly get their heads down as soon as they smelt it. I watched in amazement as they really were battling between them to hoover it up , I placed a few more baits on the spot very carefully as the fish drifted down the margin.

Very excited I ran to go and get one of my rods which armed with a 1oz lead , Esp leadcore leader with a standard lead clip setup.

Hook-link choice being the Gardner sink skin 15lb brown and the all ever faithful size 10 Gardner Covert Mugga. The rig was mounted with a 15mm CC Moore Meteor Glugged hookbait tipped with a 12 mm Northern Special. I placed the rig straight on the spot and stood back resting the rod on a branch on the tree.

It was another 10 minutes or so, I saw a fish cruising up in the water start to approach the spot.

As soon as it was in the area it instantly homed in on the free offerings and the tail was up, head down feeding hard. I stood biting my tongue with anticipation for it to take the hook bait . It wasn’t long, the fish quickly sat up in the water and I witnessed it shaking its head trying to shake the lead.

The fish then darted for open water and I was on the rod quickly, there was an explosion when I tightened the clutch as the fish had no more line to run with. After a short but exciting fight I had landed my first fish on the meteor.

The fish weighed 19.10lb and pictures were taken. Another stunning fish falling to the CC Moore Bait. I went home happy that day waiting for the next session which would be the next Saturday with great confidence I had chosen the right bait for season ahead.

Saturday came and it wasn’t long before work was over and I could finally get down to my syndicate to try my new batch of bait from CC Moore.

I have opted for the Meteor through the warmer months, Its rich meaty smell really does spell out all the factors of a proper good long term bait and is slightly different to most of the standard baits you see other anglers using.

As I turned up to the complex it didn’t surprise me that when I entered the car park it was rammed, I did actually wonder if I would be able to find a swim.

After a quick walk around there were only 2 swims that did appeal to me and one of my mates actually said he wanted to go in one of them so I decided to be a gent and let him go in there. I was then left with the swim I was hoping was free, soon the gear was on the barrow and I arrived where I had planned to fish. I got the rods out quickly and the Fox Supa Brolly was up in no time.

I chose to fish 2 rods over the CC Moore Meteor and one as a single with a tiny Pva bag, just a mouthful of free offerings. The traps were then set so I decided to have an early night as I was knackered from work. As soon as first light came my Delkim woke me, I had an absolute belter of a take. It was off one of the baited spots and the hookbait being a 15mm meteor bottom bait tipped with 12mm Northern Special.

Also a new hook-link to me that I was then trying out from Gardner tackle. The rig being a size 10 Covert Mugga and 15lb sink skin brown, there is nothing like getting a take off something new for you to gain a lot of confidence in what you are using, this time being the bait and hooklink choice.

The Hook holds I have been getting with the Gardner Covert Muggas have been spot on , I don’t think I will ever use a different hook for my bottom bait fishing again. Soon after a powerful fight of the fish ripping up and down the margin a 21.14lb Mirror was in the net. Result!!!!!!!

I quickly called a mate (Steve Swan) to see if he would come and take a few photos for me, which he kindly did. We then had a chat about the plans for the rest of the day, I decided to stay put as I felt there were still fish in the area although I didn’t see any signs of carp.

He decided to move and find some fish. It can sometimes pay off to pack down and approach the lake as mobile as possible during the day as it is a great stalking water.

After a few more hours in the swim I began to feel the fish had moved out of the area due getting the bite at first light and whether I should move to a different area. Not giving up easily I gave my rod with the single 12mm Northern Special and tiny Pva Bag a recast, First cast the rig went exactly where I wanted it to and it felt good.

Steve then returned back into my swim for another chat telling me he had seen a few fish here and there then suddenly the rod I had recast 30 minutes before was tearing off. The spool was in melt down and the fish was peeling line, I was quickly into what felt like a tench at first being very shaky and flapping around all over the place.

I turned to Steve and said don’t get to excited I think it’s a tench, the fish then made it into the deeper water and I could feel the power as it started boring deep. My adrenaline then started flowing as I knew I was into a good fish, after a pretty hefty battle the fish then started to tire and it was soon making its way towards us.

Steve saw the fish before I did, Its one of the scaly ones he said. I then felt the pressure and the fish was coming into the shallow margin, another powerful burst and the fish was fighting to make its way into open water again. I carefully managed to keep the fish from going to far as I knew there was quite a few weed beds in front of me , Steering it back towards us it was almost ready to embrace the net.

Steve had seen the fish again, Its one of the Linears. My heart was right in my throat  and I was trembling , quickly the net was in the water and the fish came over the net cord. I was over the moon , I had caught one of my targets. We let the fish rest in the net for a few minutes to sort the unhooking mat, scales, camera.

Everything was organised we then weighed the fish and Steve took some really good photos. The fish weighed in at 24.10lbs not the biggest fish I have ever caught but one that I felt great achievement and it was so stunning. I was really chuffed with the result of catching one of the originals and that I had stayed put in the swim.

Again the Cc Moore products really came into their own on this session a great bait manufacture and I have confidence in fishing with any product they make.

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