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Still Perching by Andy Loble

Still Perching by Andy Loble

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Due to the river conditions in the South East being so unpredictable this winter I decided to target a species on my local still waters……the Perch.

Possibly one of the first fish most will ever catch and one I thought would not be too difficult to catch at a substantial size.  My target initially was to be a 3lb fish and then fingers crossed a 4lb impossible fish.

 Easy…. How wrong could I be!  With limited funds I have been restricted to a number of venues in the Sussex area.  Sussex still waters are renowned for chucking up the odd lump or two so I thought it could happen sooner rather than later!

Since targeting the perch I have been very fortunate to land a vast amount of 2lb fish and have now landed six 3lb + fish.  To say the winter has been successful is an understatement. However I think the 4lb fish could continue to drive me slightly insane long into the future.

It has been a tough couple of weeks with the water I am currently fishing proving trickier than normal.  Temperatures have been all over the place and the snow and ice has really played havoc with the fishing.  With a few tweaks to my usual set up I have managed to sneak a few fish out including a matching PB of 3.6lb this weekend.  A cracking fish that put a truly amazing fight.

The fish are really showing signs of packing on the weight so I am (as ever) confident that the 4lb fish is not too far away.

I have still been sorting out the bigger fish using large prawns from a frozen food store soaked in CC Moore‘s Shrimp Extract and Krill Amino Compound.

Ground bait is banded from the venue so to get round this I have been using potting compost and then adding dead and live maggots, chopped worm, chopped prawn and the CC Moore‘s Worm Protein Extract, Shrimp Extract and Krill Amino.  A truly stinky mix but one that makes an incredible cloud in the water.

All the best

Andy Loble

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