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Stick Mix Top Tip – Chris Ansell

Stick Mix Top Tip – Chris Ansell

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I like to use PVA mesh sticks throughout the year, but change the stick mix contents depending on the water temperature. In the summer months, a fishmeal/GLM extract combo does the business for me, but as the water temp comes down I change to a more winter-friendly milk protein/sweet mix.
Start off placing Milk N Nut Crush and Live System bag mix in a tub.
I then add a small amount of Amino Blend 365 and mix it all together making sure not to make it to damp.
Leave it for a minimum of ten minutes.
Add a small amount a Baileys/Irish Cream and mix again trying to get as much air into the mix as possible.
I find doing this a couple of hours or even the night before best.
Thread small sticks onto the hooklink of your favourite rig and bait combo and your done!”

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