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Spring Red-Letter Day – Darren Wingate

Spring Red-Letter Day – Darren Wingate

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I started on a new lake, it is notoriously shallow, with three quarters of the lake no more then 2-4 foot deep. The other end was is snaggy and a bit deeper at around 5-6 foot in places. I started concentrating on the deeper end, away from the swans, but the only problem was that the fish would end up in the shallows during the day and venture back down to the deeper end at night, which was fine for me as I only get overnighters most of the time anyway.

I had an overnighter on the Tuesday but couldn’t get in the swim I wanted, so I made do with halfway down the lake on the same bank. As I got up the tree, I saw a big fish waddling in towards me. That was it, two little sticks were flicked out the 15 yards or so and within an hour the right rod was away with a lovely scaly stocky at 21.10.

I got down the following week and plotted up in the swim – 2kg of mini mix pellets soak in hydro wheat and 2kg Odyssey XXX went out on the zones. At 3am the next morning, I received a meltdown on the right rod and after a bit of a scrap a 30.2 common slipped into the net.

I was made up with that, as not many of the better commons come out at all. I got back on the Sunday lunchtime, loaded the spots up with 20kg pellets, hydro wheat and the ever faithful XXX. The night was quiet, so I redone the rods and within 30 mins the left rod was away. She went 28.4 and I was delighted that they were getting on the bait now.

Well nothing else had happened through the night, so I was up again at 4.30am when I saw a good fish down on the back of the wind. I arrived in a new swim and up the tree I could see them milking it up. Two hinges with XXX cork balls were popped onto the activity and within 20 mins, the right rod ripped off. As the lake is so shallow down this end, the fish just kited to my right and with some persuasion, she was ready for the net. I was buzzing like mad and I could see it was a forty. She was 42.12.

I was well happy and so got the rod back out to the spot and within an hour the same rod ripped off. The result was a little, turbocharged common about 14lb.
The rods were redone and I introduced about 2kg of Odyssey XXX in 15s and 18s dosed up in the Krill Compound and GLM Extract. The night was quiet and so I was up at 4:30am to rebait the rods. I was sat on the bed making a tea when the right rod melted off with a heavy fish on the end. Off it went to the right towards a bush. It got a bit hairy but eventually I pumped it back along the margin and all of a sudden she popped up. In the net, it was game over, a big old mirror sulking in the net – on the scales she went 48.

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