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Blog 1 – Spring – Bradley Wegner

Blog 1 – Spring – Bradley Wegner

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Finding time to get out this spring has been a real issue for me, so finding the fish and being on them was vital. I’ve been doing mainly day sessions lasting for a few hours and was really lucky if I could squeeze an overnighter in. My eyes were still set on one fish in particular, one fish that is still yet to grace my net – Spike, one of the oldest fish in the Nene Valley, which resides in Elsons Lake on the Stanwick Lakes complex.

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Not only struggling for time, but having caught a majority of the stock, it makes it hard for me to put a rod out unless I find that particular fish. I’ve done a few sessions turning up not finding the one I want and just going home because not wanting to wade through the repeat captures again. On the odd occasions that I have found it, I’m still yet to nail it but I’m sure the time will come if I persist.

Now that the temperature is on the rise and the light levels are getting longer, the fish are starting to come right in close again. Presenting small mesh bags and little bottom baits in the edge can sometimes lead to a very quick bite, as there is only the one mouthful of food for them and they won’t be looking for vast quantities of bait yet.  At this time of year, I have a very light baiting approach if im just fishing for that one bite at a time. Normally singles are my go to method, just chucking them at showing fish using bright pop-ups.

They always seem a bit more muggy in the Spring and love a whacky colour over a food bait, my preferred are the Acid Pears, Dairy Supremes and white Odyssey XXX. How many people use orange pop-ups now days? Hardly any, it’s such an underrated colour and one I have a hell of a lot of confidence in.

The dairy supremes speak for themselves, the sweet-smelling, washed-out pink colour, what carp could resist? As for the white version of the Odyssey, that is because every day session or overnighter just before I leave, I scatter a kilo or two about just to make sure there’s some of my bait constantly going in.

I was using the Pacific Tuna last year but because of the amount of people joining the band wagon I decided for this year on Elsons a tactical change was in order. I know having other people using the bait you’re on can be an advantage because it’s consistantly going in the lake, but I like to be different and have a little edge over everybody else.

Recently, I’ve spent more time watching them than I have fishing because every time I see them they teach me something new, whether it’s patrol routes or ways that different fish feed. Over the next couple of months, I have a bit more time and a lot of new plans ahead.

I’ve got a trip to Farlows Lake booked with my mrs as a bit of a relaxing few nights as well as hoping to catch some nice, old scaly ones. I know they respond well to a lot of boilie in there so I’m going make sure I take plenty of Tuna and Odyssey, fish for a bite to begin with and then if I’m on a good head of fish I can start to introduce a lot more and try to build a hit of fish. I will just have to play it by ear.

In the next couple of weeks, I get my ticket for Kislingbury syndicate lakes, I’m fishing on the bigger one of the two in pursuit of some of the few originals that are left in there, along with a cracking linear. The lake is 15 acres in size with one big, main island, the stock is quite unknown because of the stockies they have put in with the original stock, but there is a good head of fish and some stunning scaly ones to go at too.

I’m going to get some Tuna and some smaller bits and bobs i.e. sweetcorn, pellets and hemp in onto the spots over the next week or so to get them grazing on the areas and to clean them up a bit. I’m looking forward to having a go on there because of how quiet it is, all the banks are untouched and it’s just nice and peaceful. Until then, though, you will have to wait until my next piece to find out if I actually catch anything from there and see how I get on pursuing Spike from Elsons.

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