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Tuna Buzz – Ashley James

Tuna Buzz – Ashley James

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I arrived at my local club water at 4:00pm hoping to get a swim in the baking hot weather we have been having. After pacing up and down the bank I finally decided to jump into a snaggy swim where I knew the fish got in the warmer weather. The first rod to go out was fished very tight in a bay along the tree line, I walked round to put around 50 baits out each time as I didn’t want to cause too much commotion, the second rod was cast onto the far bank so I could drop a solid bag filled with crushed Pacific Tuna just off the bank with a handful of 15mm Tuna freebies over the top and the third was popped just down in the left margin, again with a stiff hinge rig and a bright white Tuna pop-up with around 35 baits around it.  I had my first bite at 6:00am in the morning, a lovely little mid double common graced my net.

My second bite came at 9:00am with a stunning little common. Nothing else happened that day unfortunately but it looked prime for another bite in the bay. The next bite was a low 20lb mirror that came on the Sunday morning at around 1:00am, shortly followed by a lovely common of 24lb 8oz.

I only recast the bay rod as I couldn’t quite see what I was doing but I still managed another lush scaley mirror. Four of my bites fell to the White Tuna pop-ups mounted on stiff hinge rigs over beds of 15mm Tuna freebies and one off the solid bag filled with crushed Tuna with a trimmed down white Tuna pop-up as my hook bait. Get on the tuna!!

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