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Solid PVA Bags with Jake Wildbore

Solid PVA Bags with Jake Wildbore

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There are several reasons why the solid bag is such a deadly method. We all know how effective they can be during the warmer months and the winter is no different.
During the winter our windows of opportunity can be few and far between and may also consist of very short periods of time.

Fish sightings are at their most important during the winter months and acting on these sightings can often be the difference been catching and not catching.

Carp are nowhere near as active during the colder weather and it isn’t uncommon for them to be held up in one or two larger groups. Locating this group can not only be difficult but we have no say present on what kind of ground these fish may be above. If the carp decide they want to hold up amongst dead weed for example, we need a presentation that caters for this. There are no other methods that suit this situation better than the solid bag.

With the solid bag approach you are able to concentrate all of our efforts on finding the fish, casting and catching then becomes the easy part. It doesn’t matter so much what you land on it’s simply where you land it. By this I mean, the lake bed it’s self is no where near as big a factor with the solid bag as it is with other rigs.

The solid bag will always give you the ultimate presentation no matter what it lands on. With this in mind all you have to do is make sure you are casting it amongst fish.
During the winter lakebeds will often change, the colder weather causes the weed beds to die off and this will have an impact on the lake bed as we knew it during the warmer months.

Spots or areas that were once clean and more than suitable for fishing a standard bottom bait over can easily change into something quite the opposite. With a solid bag this doesn’t matter.

Carp spend a lot less time searching for bigger meals once the water has cooled and their metabolism has changed. Smaller, easier meals will often be the order of the day. The solid bag comprises of a small amount of food, ideal for the time of year.

There is no end to what you can apply to your bag mixes, you can add all sorts stuff from liquids right through to more wholesome items of food. The attraction that a solid bag can give is astounding and is more than enough to pull and otherwise dormant carp into eating.

I have caught loads of carp on solid bags during the winter by fishing them statically, casting them to showing fish or simply roving them around until I get bites.
The solid bag can be a real winner during winter, give it a go and im sure you will enjoy the same success that I have been able to.

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