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Should I spomb in winter? We asked Kev Hewitt…

Should I spomb in winter? We asked Kev Hewitt…

Should I spomb in winter? We asked Kev Hewitt… 5/5 (100%) 1 vote

<strong>Should I spomb in winter?

Good question and one that comes down to a number of factors in the winter. There are times during the winter when fish will be well up for a feed and a good bed of bait, introduced via the spomb can potentially bring multiple bites. A quick change in conditions can be all it takes to spur fish into moving about and searching for a bit of food to build their energy reserves.

As a rule of thumb, I generally cut back on the quantity of bait I use during the winter period. In the summer, if the conditions dictate, I will often introduce between 3-5kg of bait at the start of the session and see how much action follows to determine whether to use more. In the winter, I generally cut this right back to more than half, using a few kilos max if the conditions are bang on, with mild weather and obvious fish activity.

Bait wise, I like to ensure the boilie I am introducing is highly soluble and digestible; this means that when the fish eat it, they can pass it through easier and therefore want to eat more. The Live System is my number one choice in the winter and all year round for that matter, I use it in 10mm size in conjunction with hemp and corn.

Being able to judge the conditions on any given day is vital in my opinion, as the last thing you want to do is introduce bait when they are actually not really up for feeding. In this situation, a solid bag will be much more effective cast to areas that look good for a bite over pilling a large amount of bait in.

In the winter, the opportunities are much more narrow when it comes to catching fish over bait; the key is to monitor the forecast, keep your eyes peeled for a few days of warmer weather with good overnight temperatures. Fish will show themselves in the winter and it pays to stay vigilant at all times, as they will be much more localised.






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