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Short Sunday Session Success…

Short Sunday Session Success…

Short Sunday Session Success… 5/5 (100%) 1 vote

With all the snow recently it’s been a few weeks since we have managed to get out on the bank, so with both of us having a Sunday free we jumped at the chance to get the rods out once more. The aim of the day was simply to get a bend in the rod s but with a cold wind and rain forecast for the whole day it was looking more of a challenge then we had hoped. Arriving at Todber Manor at first light the lake we fancied was very busy so we opted to fish the smaller lake as with only two other anglers on it offered us a lot more room to play with.

The all important first fish of the day. The shoal had been found!

Setting up in two swims central to the lake meant we had plenty of options to try and tempt a bite from. Our plan was to spread the 6 rods out to try and locate one of the shoals of fish within the lake, as if you achieve this one take often leads to another. Regular re-casting with a mix of solid bags and small mesh bags enabled us to cover a lot of water relatively quickly although after nearly 3 hours it was safe to say the plan wasn’t exactly working as we had nothing to show for our efforts.

However, with the two other anglers on the lake packed up we now had the whole lake to ourselves, something that rarely happens in fishing but when it does our confidence is always boosted. This is because the carp have no other lines to be afraid of which can lead to them moving about more confidently searching out the now ‘safe’ bait from the weekends anglers.

A lovely brace of fish that lit up an otherwise miserable day of weather

Within an hour of the anglers vacating the lake, Jack received a bite on his rod positioned behind the island in an area of calmer water. This was slightly unexpected as the lake is known for producing most of its fish from open water areas. After the action two rods were put in the likely area and I made the decision to cast one of my rods behind the island on my half of the swim in the hope the fish would be behaving in the same way, trying to avoid the cold windswept centre of the lake.

Before my line had settled Jack was in again, he had definitely found a shoal of carp and after that had all three of his rods in the same area. An hour or so later I got a screaming run, it too had come from a more sheltered area of the lake. Just as I was netting the fish Jacks rod was away once more and a brace was on the cards.

Another fish from the area of calm water that the fish favoured on the day

Two mirrors were the culprits with Jacks turning out to be the biggest of the day at around 17lb. What mine lacked in weight it made up for in looks so we were both happy. The rest of the afternoon went a bit mad, for Jack at least as he went on to land 7 fish all from the same area of the lake. I managed to land one more from my side of the swim giving us 9 fish in total for the day. The result showed just how important it is to explore the swim with regular recasting and more importantly once you have found the fish make the most of it as they can move off just as quickly as they arrived.


A combination of solid and mesh PVA bags enhanced by different bait dips and attractants

As mentioned earlier the tactics were based around a PVA approach and incorporated several products from the CCMoore range. For the bag mix we stuck to our ever faithful combination of; salmon fry crumb and mini ultramix pellet. To this various attractants were added with the successful

two being live system and bloodworm. I have so much confidence in this set up that I simply do not go fishing without it.

The winning combination on the day after trying several different options

In terms of the hookbait choice we varied between numbers of different coloured baits from the hellraiser pop-up range and also gave mini bitez a try. However, after altering the set up several times the winning combination turned out to be a 10mm live system boilie tipped with a piece of purple artificial corn. The corn which was flavoured in very sweet liquid provided a visual attraction as well as creating a more balanced bait to assist with the hooking potential of the rig.

Good luck and get out there,

Lewis Swift and Jack Meyer

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