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Places to fish in Northamptonshire

Places to fish in Northamptonshire

Places to fish in Northamptonshire 3.5/5 (69%) 15 votes

There are hundreds of resources for finding out information on different places to fish all over the country but none really give us anglers the crucial bit of information we want to know before we investigate any given venue.

We have all read the articles that say ‘carp to 40lb plus’ but that doesn’t really help us understand the venue at hand and is the main reason why many of us stick to the same venues year after year, a lack of knowledge.

That being said, here at CC Moore we wanted to help, we wanted to give anglers the answer to the question that hey really want to know: how many fish am I likely to catch?

So, we created this series of articles which will be developed by real anglers in the area you live, starting with Northamptonshire. In the image below you won’t find ALL the fisheries in the area but you will find information on all the venues that we have accurate information as to how they fish.

We realise that not everyone is a coarse angler and not everyone wants to target single large carp so we have averaged out each location into a classification of either a ‘runs water’, ‘good for a fish or two’ or ‘worth the challenge’. We have also highlighted any rivers or canal stretches that we deem to be ‘worth a look’. Watch out for the ‘CC Moore Special’, an award given to a venue that everyone should investigate.

Here is how we have graded each marker:

Runs waters - Lots of fish, typically carp, bream, tench and silver fish to average sizes.

Good for a run or two - Slightly more challenging but still plenty of fish to go at, typically busier venues holding lots of fish species from medium to larger sizes.

Worth the challenge - More difficult venues with less fish but typically of larger size.

River or canal thats worth a look - Areas of interest, lots of varying fish stocks and sizes but areas that are known to be permanent fish holding locations.

We have also earmarked a special classification for any venue that is different from the rest, it may be good, bad or indifferent but we feel it deserves a special mention.

* Any venue that is split by 2 colours means it either has more than 1 lake to fish or is in between two of the categories in terms of difficulty.

1 - Stanwick Lakes:

Several lakes for all skill levels, some easy, some hard. 1 Syndicate lake, the rest are day tickets. Average day ticket prices, night fishing aloud on most lakes and has an on site tuck-shop

Our rating: Runs water/Good for a fish or two

2 – Wellingborough Lakes:

Syndicate lakes, carp to over 40lb, fairly busy but no waiting list, plenty of fish for those looking to catch big carp on a ‘not too hard’ venue.

Our rating: Good for a fish or two

3 – Sherrington Pits:

 Very low stock, good rewards, expect to blank for several weeks or month, 5 lakes all on a syndicate ticket and a mile of Great Ouse.

Our rating: Worth the challenge

4 – STAR VENUE -Naseby Reservoir:

90 acres of double figure carp, lots of fish in fin perfect condition, nice scenery, minimal angling pressure and well run, averagely priced day and night tickets available on the bank.

Our rating: Runs water

5 – Drayton Reservoir

Stocked to the brim with double figure carp, very busy in Spring, Summer and Autumn, get there early to get one of the 100+ pegs and you will catch carp all day. Expensive day and night tickets available on the bank.

Our rating: Runs water

6 – Boddington Reservoir

Very highly stocked popular match venue, smaller fish than Drayton but less angling pressure and equally good catches available.

Our rating: Runs water

7 – Manvel Farm

Tiny venue with 2 quarter acre ponds with lots of carp, tench, bream and ornamentals. Fish to over 30lb caught by pleasure anglers, only room for 10 anglers. Cheap day tickets and night fishing available in advance.

Our rating: Runs water

8 – Hannington Pond

Small, square almost featureless gravel pit stocked with a decent amount of good looking carp to mid twenties, cheap day tickets with plenty of carp to be caught on surface tactics.

Our rating: Runs water

9 – Billing Aquadrome

Several fishable lakes available on day, night and season tickets. Some lakes are runs waters, some are VERY hard work with small stocks of carp and floor to ceiling weed. Lots of fish in other lakes, cheap day tickets and night fishing allowed on some lakes. Always the chance of a fish of a lifetime.

Our rating: Good for a fish or two

10 – Northampton to Wellingborough Nene

Lots of carp, bream, tench and silver fish to go at. Rumours suggest several 40lb carp cruise this stretch, many sightings have been mentioned and many fish caught to high 30′s. Awesome looking stretch, rarely a day ticket charged and complete solitude for an angler willing to put in the work.

Our rating: Good for a fish or two

11 – Ringstead Fishery

Several lakes offering all levels of sport to pleasure and specimen anglers, average day ticket prices, can get busy in warmer months when matches are a common occurrence.

Our rating: Runs water/Good for a fish or two

12 – Great Linford

Several lakes offering carp fishing for all, lots of fish and many fish of a lifetime for those targeting a bigger specimen. Syndicates and day tickets available from the onsite shop and bailiff.

Our rating: Good for a fish or two

13 – Duston Reservoir

Can be difficult but lots and lots of fish to go at, mostly high doubles and low 20′s with loads of character. Low angling pressure and mostly free fishing. Gets very weedy in summer, follow the fish and they are perfectly catchable.

Our rating: Good for a fish or two/Worth the challenge

14 – Emberton Country Park

Lovely setting with lots of dog walkers and social life, few anglers and a handful of high quality carp to go at on a cheap syndicate.

Our rating: Good for a fish or two

15 – Cannons Ashby

Lots of fish of many species, some bigger carp to high 20′s but mainly a silver fish and match lake, perfect for the pleasure angler, cheap day ticket.

Our rating: Runs water

16 – Castle Ashby

 Well stocked mature lakes offering carp, coarse and match fishing to all abilities. Doesn’t get fished heavily by carp anglers but hold several 30+ beautiful carp. Expect busy banks in summer, on-site amenities and fairly priced day tickets.

Our rating: Runs water/Good for a fish or two

17 – Ecton Lakes

One well stocked lake for a challenge but plenty of runs, main lake and jigsaw hold some real gems but the going is tough. Many people only catch a few fish a year. Difficult track, friendly anglers but not many of them around after May/June. All lakes are syndicate but fairly priced.

Our rating: Good for a run or two/Worth the challenge

18 – Huckerby’s

2 lakes full to brim with single and low double figure carp, one a chuck most days but expect it to be busy when the sun is up. Great surface fishing action, lots of good size silver fish that are largely un-fished for (roach over 2lb), £5 day ticket, £10 for the night.

Our rating: Runs water

19 – Wold Farm

3 varying lakes for match men and specimen hunters alike, all fairly small but all stocked with good quality fish. Two match lakes are heavily stocked with all manner of species, 100lb nets are common. Wold lake is a great little carp lake, holds 20 or more 20′s, half a dozen 30′s including a ghost, zip linear with lots of back up high doubles and catfish at around 30lb. Expensive day tickets, but you get what you pay for, a well rounded venue with and aura of exclusivity.

Our rating: Runs water/Good for a fish or two

20 – Foxholes Fishery

Syndicate venue, holds a good head of carp with only a small amount of members, fairly expensive syndicate compared to others in the area but secluded and well worth a visit for those in search of solitude, big carp and a challenge. (Contact us for location).

Our rating: Worth the challenge

21 – Bluebell Lakes

Mixed fishery offering something for everyone, famous for holding Benson, one of the UK’s finest carp. Lots of lakes, lots of fish of all species but expect busy banks and a challenge if you are after the bigger carp residents.

Our rating: Good for a fish or two/Worth the challenge

22 – Heyford Fisheries

3 lakes in the secluded location, ‘snake lake’ is the best option for many looking for a bend in their rod, lots of carp, tench and bream to be caught at short range. There is also a beginners and specimen lake for those looking for something different. Reasonable prices and everything you need for your day out is available on-site.

Our rating: Runs water

23 – Grendon Lakes

Large complex of lakes offering the fisherman plenty to go at, lots of easier water to target for a pleasure day out on the float after silver fish and plenty for those looking for that one bigger fish. The complex has had several carp to over 40lb caught in recent years. Very mature looking lakes, lots of snags and a good challenge. Expect it to be busy in the warmer months, on all lakes. Some lakes are day ticket while others are available solely on a syndicate.

Our rating: Good for a fish or two/Worth the challenge

24 – River Nene, Kislingbury

 A tiny stretch of the Nene between the waterfall at the top of Kislingbury flowing down towards the fields closer to the town, this mile or so stretch of river is overgrown, shallow and wild. It holds some cracking fish, Chub to 6lb and plenty over the 5lb mark, perch over 3lb and several carp to nearly 20lb. Sightings of a couple of VERY large barbel have also been reported in recent years up towards the waterfall. Great sport on a summers afternoon.

Our rating: Good for a fish or two

25 – Grand Union Canal, Stoke Bruene

A rarely fished long stretch of the GU canal starting at Stoke Bruene, this is a brilliant feature full stretch with several marinas and docking areas to draw fish in. Lots of silver fish and bream and a good head of carp which top the 30lb mark though with other stretches close by holding carp over the 40lb mark there would be no shock if this area held similar fish. Hundreds of pike to go at too.

Our rating: Runs water

Something to add?

We would love to hear from you, do you fish one of the venues above and want to tell us some more info about it or want to add another venue to the list? Use the comments section below.

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