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Pads Lake PB – James Hutton

Pads Lake PB – James Hutton

Pads Lake PB – James Hutton 5/5 (100%) 1 vote

<div>A social was planned for three nights at the historic Yateley Pads Lake along with some pals. The lake is on a group booking basis, so when arrived I spoke to some anglers who had fished and between 6 of them, they had fished 2 nights for just 1 fish. I wanted to gain an idea of what had been happening.

They informed me that oxygen levels were a bit low and found the fish to not behaving particularly actively. As you can imagine, it didn’t fill me with much confidence or the rest of the party!

Upon wandering around the stunning little venue, we all had areas in our minds that we wanted to fish and after a relaxed draw, we were soon setting up in our designated plots. I’d opted for peg 2. It boasted a tree-lined margin that I was sure the carp would frequent and also some open water.
After leading about, I identified the tree area to be a little shallow and so plonked the lead a few rod lengths out from it, to which I found a nice drop off. There was gravel which then slowly moved to smooth silt, perfect for a hook bait and a few Spombs.
That first night, Hadley and Josh had one each, so were buzzing. This definitely increased our confidence levels.
I opted for a nice, simple presentation comprising a CC Moore Live System wafter with a few maggots on top. A couple of Spombs were deposited over each hook bait featuring a mixture of maggots and 10mm Live System soaked in Roasted Nut Extract.
Rig materials wise I opted for Gardener Trip Link complete with a size 6 Mugga, on what is known as The German Rig.
With the pressure dropping slowly things were starting to look really good and after 24 hours, at 10:30am, one of my bobbins picked up and I latched into a powerful specimen.
After a heavy, dogged battle, I slipped the net a huge bodied mirror with a pronounced single scale. We excitedly hoisted the brute onto the scales and the needle pulled round to 43.8. I couldn’t believe it, my first Yateley carp and a new PB!

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