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Night Of The Scaly’s – Jimmy Hibbard

Night Of The Scaly’s – Jimmy Hibbard

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<div>I arrived at the lake Sunday evening, a beautiful Northern Mere, the fish were still in the main body of the lake at distance. I dropped in a swim on the dam wall which gave me access to get close to the showing fish. After leading around, I had found a nice area at 120 yards with a small amount of fresh silkweed growth. Placing two rods out there on stiff hinge rigs with CC Moore Pacific Tuna corkball pop-ups, soaked in CC Moore Liquid Tuna Extract and salt.

I spombed out a mix of Pacific Tuna boilie with some of the new tuna and hemp mixed particle only 10-12 spomb’s to start with. As the sun went down I had my first bite resulting in a 22.6 mirror. I topped the swim up with another 5 spomb’s and then around 1am the middle rod was away this time with a chunky 27.8 mirror.
I continued to top the swim up again putting out a few more spomb’s of hemp and tuna mixed with  tuna boilie. On first light, I was awoken by a steady take on the middle rod and whilst playing the fish the right hand rod was also away, it was a bit of a manic ten minutes but both fish ended up in the net.
The first fish was a lovely angry male of 14lb and the other was an amazing near fully scaled mirror that pulled the scales around to 28.4, size irrelevant when they are as beautiful as that one.
I topped the swim up again but the next 24 hour the fishing slowed right down and it wasn’t until the follow morning that I had another take just before packing up, this time 16.lb mirror which finished off the session really nicely. It was the first time I had added the hemp to the mix, the reason for it was to prolong the feeding times of the carp knowing that small particles of hemp would keep them in one area for a longer period of time. So the change of tactic worked very well.

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