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New Water Success – Lee Wheeler

New Water Success – Lee Wheeler

New Water Success – Lee Wheeler 3.5/5 (70%) 2 votes

I have been fishing on West Stow Country Park and a little private water late winter/early spring this year. I have been having some great results using the Live System and Pacific Tuna baits catching fish to over 39lb, presenting hinged rigs over the top with a white NS1+ hook bait.

My approach has been simply locating the fish, setting little traps and introducing bait little and often to try and enhance the carps’ confidence and trick them into picking up my hook bait.

The little private water I was fishing in the late winter held some truly stunning carp with a few that went over the 30lb mark. Size was irrelevant as these carp were steeped in history, but I did set myself a target to try and catch one of the 30lb commons. As I mentioned earlier my chosen bait was the Live System and Tuna, fishing hinged rigs over the top. I did 5 nights and proceeded to catch 13 fish some of which were truly awesome! On my very last session which happened to be a quick few hours after work, I managed to locate the fish and present a couple of baits without spooking them. Shortly after casting one of the rods was away and I managed to land one of the big commons! It was such a buzz, and to snare one on my last trip to the lake made it that even more special!

Weststow country park is my main syndicate lake. The results have been phenomenal since I started introducing the bait. The lake is very picturesque and contains some really special carp to way over 40lbs. On my past 2 trips I have landed 8 fish up to 39+ all on the NS1 pop-ups fished over The Tuna. My main approach has been fishing at range to island features and scattering a large amount of bait with the throwing stick, trying to get the carp moving around the swim confidently to create a competitive feeding pattern. This has worked very effectively for me and I have every confidence it will do so in the future.

Quality Bait and the right location = excellent results!

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