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My 3 Favourite Carp Lakes by Jamie Tombs

My 3 Favourite Carp Lakes by Jamie Tombs

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The Riddings:

This is my favourite venue because this is where my carp fishing really kicked off. It was the venue where I learnt a lot about fishing such as watercraft and different rigs for different situations etc. Also it was the first venue I have fished were I have targeted specific carp and the feeling of catching them fish is a feeling nothing else can compare too. This lake will always be special to me for one final reason; this is where I caught my first 30lb+ common.

The lake also offers different angling situations for different times of the year. There is deeper water for winter fishing, shallow margins for them sunny days, little holes in the trees for some lovely stalking spots and finally the fish in there love a floater.


Leacroft is my local syndicate lake and is the lake I am currently targeting. The fish in there are stunning old English carp and the fish I am angling for is twice the age of me! Every fish is jet black; full of apple sliced scales and in perfect condition. The fish aren’t the biggest by UK standards (29+common being the lake record) but they are some of the best looking fish I’ve seen in my angling life.

The fishing its self on the lake is very challenging with 6-7 fish a season being a good result. The weed in the lake gives the fish a lot of natural food so they do become a bit cagey on anglers baits. The lake also again offers some fantastic floater fishing opportunities in the summer once the fish are competing hard.

The Pit:

“The Pit” is another lake I love spending time on because simply you don’t know what the next take could be. The fish go to unknown sizes and in 20 acres of unfished water there could be anything. The lake is all over grown with thick rushes around the perimeter of  it. There is very little in the way of swims so you have to push your way through the reeds. I’ve had a little bit of success out of this lake in the few sessions I’ve done with fish to low 20 but I’ve photographed a 34+ mirror for another angler on the lake so that’s a fish that would make any anglers season…

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