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Moore Big-Pit Whackers – Matthew Lockett

Moore Big-Pit Whackers – Matthew Lockett

Moore Big-Pit Whackers – Matthew Lockett 5/5 (100%) 1 vote

I fished a five-day session on a southern club water in the Ringwood area. After getting down the lake straight after work at around 6pm, I set about having a look. The lake was fairly empty. After standing for around half an hour, I had seen a couple show in the middle area and I had a feeling that they would be there as I had seen them there in the days running up to my session. I decided to go around the other side of the lake on the east bank, in peg 2 where I could get to the fish. The weather was looking prime for the coming days ahead.

I quickly set about looking for a spot in the area they were holding up. I found a lovely area at 170 yards and so set about getting the rods out with a little bait over the top as it was getting late. The next day I was up at sunrise to see the fish in the same area. Feeling confident, I watched the day go by with nothing happening and then later that afternoon I redid the rods and introduced some more bait. I spombed around 2kg in total over the three rods – a mix of Live System and Tuna glugged in Amino Blend 365, Red Venom, salt, Feedstim and GLM powder. I fished an NS1+ white on two rods and a Dairy Supreme on the third.

The following morning I was up watching the water from first light with a cuppa, the fish were all over me and definitely feeding! I popped the kettle on to make another cuppa, when the right hand rod dropped back and then the bobbin hit the blank! After a long battle and having to clamber to the next swim to land the fish safely, I had the Camel in the net – one of the real gems of the lake at 42lb 1oz, buzzing!

That evening, I redid the rod and put around 1.5 kg more bait out for the next day. The following morning came round and the fish were showing to my right but not too far away. It was soon afternoon and the wind had started to pick up. It was pushing to my left and at around 1pm, I started to see the odd one coming closer and closer!

At around 2.15pm, the middle rod went into meltdown and I was in. It felt like a good fish from the off! After a long battle and a little to-ing and fro-ing, I slipped the net under the Big Simmo at 44lb 6oz and a new PB!


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