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Mar Peche Magic – Karl Pitcher

Mar Peche Magic – Karl Pitcher

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This spring has been the most successful in my angling journey to date. I’ve already written twice about having “the a session of a lifetime” this season, they do say things happen in threes and a recent trip to Mar Peche in France has completed the hat-trick. Myself and 5 friends arrived at the French venue after the long drive from the U.K. We decided the only fair way would be to draw numbers out of the hat for swims and unfortunately I came out last. At the time I was disappointed, all the swims I really fancied had been taken. I ended up in a swim called the Jetty, my mate was next door so we could still have a good social.

Having 7 nights in front of me, I decided to pinpoint my spots early on and make all the disturbance on the first day. I tied a bare lead onto my marker rod, had a few casts and soon realised the lake bed was pretty uniform, all I could really find was the odd patch of weed. Generally, I like to use lots of boilies, especially on longer sessions and the conditions were spot on for plenty of bait – 18mm Odyssey XXX were my choice. Until this year, I hardly used fish meals, but over the last 6 weeks my results have been unbelievable and it is safe to say that everytime I go fishing this summer and autumn I’ll stock plenty in the van.

I staggered the three rods at various distances of 106, 100 and 95 yards range, I then purposely spread 3kg of freebies over a big area with a throwing stick, knowing that some baits would drop shorter than others. On two rods, I used XXX hardened hook baits, drilled out and then inserted a piece of cork to take away the weight of the hook. The third rod, I used a home made XXX corkball pop-up. This is how I normally start a session, trying a couple of options and if one is more successful than the other I’ll put it on all three rods. Around midnight, in the howling wind and rain, my left hand rod burst into life and after a dogged fight I had my first fish in the net, a 42lb 04oz mirror, what a result! The next 48 hours passed with no signs of carp over my baited area, however I stuck to my guns, continued to trickle bait out every day and put the rods in the same area.

Tuesday evening we sat having a BBQ whilst sampling some French red when the middle rod sounded a couple of bleeps. By the time I’d walked over to the rod I could see the tip twitching and I pulled into a fish. It was amazing to watch the fish twisting and turning in the crystal clear water and before long fish number two was on the bank. This time an immaculate Mar Peche mirror, just over 49lb. I quickly clipped on a fresh rig, topped the swim up with freebies and cast back to the spot. Only 10 minutes passed and I was away again. This time it was something a bit special, a brute of a mirror tipping the scales just under 67lb and a new personal best to boot.

I sat back and shared the special moment with my good mate and watched the water as the sun went down. At 5.30am on the Wednesday morning, a slow but steady take woke me and half asleep I pulled into what felt like a very heavy fish. It was doing what it wanted, I couldn’t do anything with it, but eventually I got the better of it and slipped the net under fish number four. At this point, I didn’t really realise how big it was, until I went to check the fins weere flat to the fishes body and got my shoulder wet! With assistance, I lifted the fish out of the water and gently placed it onto the mat, I couldn’t believe it when I peeled the net back and revealed the monstrous mirror. I said to my mate: “that’s gotta be over 70lb!” When the needle on the Reubens shot round to 78lb 4ozs, it was simply game, set and match for me.

Anything else would be a bonus. Saturday soon came round and it was time to go home. I slowly packed my gear away, began to load the van and just as I bent down to start rolling my bivvy inside my groundsheet the right hand rod absolutely screamed off. All the Mar Peche carp fought extremely hard and this one was making no exception. I saw the fish roll about 20 yards out and could see it was a decent common, I was desperate to get it in the net. Again, with my mates help, fish number five was soon in the bag and it was what I was after, a big common. No words can describe how I felt at the time, from being last out in the draw, to catching three personal bests in one week and the last one being a 52lb 4oz common was unbelievable! The night before I was saying to John, the bailiff  “a 50+ common would be the icing on the cake.” Thanks for reading, Karl Pitcher.

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