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Make Your Own Pop-ups by Lee Burden

Make Your Own Pop-ups by Lee Burden

Make Your Own Pop-ups by Lee Burden 3/5 (60%) 2 votes

The last few sessions I’ve been playing around with my hook baits, I’m a big fan off pop ups and 80% of the time I fish pop ups as my hook baits, after playing around with cork balls and other pop up mixes from company’s I’ve found the CCMoore pop up mix to be the most buoyant and reliable mix to achieve maximum buoyancy, this mix stays up for days and give me confidence that it’s popped up for as long as I leave it out in the lake.

The mix I’ve been playing with is is Tutti/Squid with Talin, this is designed to be highly attractive mix that gives of a sweet tutti smell, the flavours themselves need no introduction, there three of the best attractors available to us with a proven track record that’s second to none. it’s a little different as you can just smell a little squid but if you break the bait in half and smell, the tutti just over powers the squid, it smells lovely.

In a bait I want different things to happen at different times and levels to maximise attraction and pulling power, these hook baits are designed to pull the fish to you hook bait and maybe get you that extra bite, fished as a single or over a bed of bait these have done me proud,

I’ve been playing the Fluoro pop up mix and have done really well on the venues I’ve fished of late, up until two sessions ago I must admit I wasn’t a big fan of in your face style baits but the venues have been fairly deep up to 25ft plus and I’m sure it’s got me a few bonus bites.

I’ve found on certain days(I don’t know why this is ) but different colours seem to work better than others so it pays to experiment and find out what’s going on down there, I tend to fish a yellow on one, pink on another, and see which one starts producing bites, a rule I kind of follow is 2-3 bites on one colour and I’ll reel in a change all the rods to suit and hopefully maximise my fish ratio on that day/night,

Here’s how I roll the mix…

First of all take a measuring spoon/pipette, some fresh eggs and a mixing bowl

Then take two eggs and beat them in a large bowl

Once you’ve beat the eggs it’s time to add your flavours to the mix, the flavour levels are based per egg so if you are using two eggs double the amount and so on,

Ultra squid essence: 8 ml
Ultra tutti fruity. : 5ml
Talin: 2ml

Once the flavours added give it a good mix for a minute or two to mix the flavours together

Next step is to add the pop up mix to form your base, a little tip is not to go to mad and slowly mix it together so the mix bonds properly, if it starts going clumpy then slow down, after a while you’ll find the base really starts to bond together, I like to use my hands now to get right inside it until it forms a nice firm paste that I can mould into one ball, if it’s a bit tacky then add a little more base mix.

Now the mix is ready and nice a firm it’s time to get out the rolling table and gun to form your baits, a little tip is to put a little hemp oil on the tray to help with the rolling, some time you get a little friction, it’s a bit tough so this eliminates this

Next step to put your pop up mix in the gun and squeeze out the sausages on the tray, the size I’m using here is 14mm

Once you’ve got the sausages one the table, it’s time to form the pop ups, you’ll find you’ll have to roll the table back and forth a quite a few times to get the baits nice and round, but don’t worry if there not 100% round this can be an edge as there a little bit different to the norm, I roll a few by hand to just to have a few different shapes to fish with.

Or two make barrel type hook baits, simply push the table flat and gently roll the once or twice!!

As you can see by the pic my dumbbells are two different colours ,I achieve these by plating the sausages together with the yellow base and pink base then insert them into the gun like that, they come out as nice swirl style hook bait and a little different to what the fish normally see.

Then bring some cold water to the boil in a pan and simmer the baits for two minutes give them the odd stir to cook them evenly.

Once the baits have cooked, drain them stick them in a drying bag to store them somewhere out of the way from any contamination, last thing you want is bait taking of foreign smell, I like the new large CCMoore boilie bag as it gives your baits a little room to dry and you can spread them out a little which helps them dry evenly, last thing you want is all the baits on the outside nice a dry and the ones in the middle still soft!!

After giving the baits a good two weeks to harden up the bait will now be ready to fish with and go in the tubs!!
Super buoyant pop ups that will not sink for love nor money, ideal for zigs or simply as a pop up.

The finished product… In all, with a two egg mix of both colours, I had roll a season’s worth of highly attractive fluoro pops ups in just a few hours, there’s no reason why you can play with different flavours and experiment with colours etc. to keep you one step ahead of all the rest, it’s nice to have these little edges under your belt.

Give them ago, they done my proud, I hope they do you,

Thanks for reading,

Sore lips ;)

Lee burden

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