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Linear St John’s Jewel – Adriano Mercato

Linear St John’s Jewel – Adriano Mercato

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It was my first trip of the year and I decided to go to St Johns. I arrived in the car park to see that there were only three swims available. I jumped into a swim on the social bank because I thought that this would give me the best chance of catching. After having a lead around, I found a nice, clear spot and firmer ground at 18 wraps.

I decided to put all 3 rods on the spot complete with Live System topped with a yellow Northern Special. I followed each cast with 10 Spombs over the top consisting of hemp, corn, Live System and pellets soaked in Roasted Nut Extract and Amino 365 liquid. I watched the water as night fell over St Johns.

At 7:30 the following morning I had a absolute one toner and after an epic battle, it was in the net! She span the scales round to 40lb 2oz, I couldn’t believe this was my first fish after a long break!

No sooner did I put the rods back out, it was off again with a 26lb 12oz mirror. I thought to myself – this is going to be one hell of a trip!

The afternoon and evening passed with no bites. The following morning, a swim became available on the row bank, so I decided to move as I had seen a few fish in that area. All 3 rods back were back out on the spot at 20 wraps with another 10 Spombs over the top and the evening drifted away. At 3:30 I had 2 bleeps, then the swinger pulled up tight. As I was watching the tip knocking, I picked up the rod, hit into it and I was in once again with a 20lb 2oz stunning fully scaled mirror!

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