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What Is Krill Micromass?

What Is Krill Micromass?

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Krill Micromass is an intriguing product that can be used in many situations, whether you are a carp angler, or a coarse fisherman – quite simply…all fish love Krill, even more so when it is in a totally natural form. When you first remove the seal of the bag, you can smell this distinct fishy aroma, in fact you just know that it will work the moment you open the bag. It’s texture is a kind of moist, sticky sort of product. You an squeeze it together, crinkle it into little balls…the world is your oyster really.

Krill is a shrimp-like crustacean that lives in huge numbers in the oceans of the world. It is a rich source of Omega 3 oil and Astaxanthin, which is a powerful anti-oxidant and gives Krill its distinctive pink appearance. Krill is also a highly attractive source of protein, amino acids and oil that maintains its freshness, nutrients and flavour for long periods without the need for preservatives.  That said I love to add a dose of Krill Amino Compound for even more oomph!

These key attributes make it very attractive in all water temperatures. You only have to drop some into a glass of water, leave it for a while and return to see the colouration as it leaks throughout. It gives off Krill Oil, other aromas and salty tastes once eaten. The key to this is that it keep on releasing feeding triggers over long periods of time.

Micromass can be used in a number of ways. It can be left as little Krill particles, as a perfect marginal feed; introduced to those little pokey holes at close quarters when stalking. You can ball it up by squeezing together and catapulting it out. To enhance and enable you to compress even harder, try adding some hot water as it will break down a little making it easier to mould. In fact, warm water will release some its key attractors even more quickly too.

It can also be added to PVA bags, mesh or solid, as it is totally PVA friendly. So, as you can see it has a multitude of uses, many that we probably haven’t even discovered as yet…but one thing we have identified very quickly…carp and all other species love this natural Krill Micromass!



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