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Kislingbury Syndicate annual BBQ by Lee Crampton

Kislingbury Syndicate annual BBQ by Lee Crampton

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Alex and myself were invited to be guests at the Kislingbury annual BBQ. We have never fished it before so I was looking forward to fishing a new water and meeting some of their members.

Kislingbury main lake is around 14 acres and about 15/20 years old, very well established, clear and rich waters. Previously a gravel pit that I assume was stocked with a handful of carp by Hansons. It then went to syndicate in 2009 when it received another 150+ carp which are now all pushing 20lb, and apparently there are a few originals dotted around but they very rarely/if ever caught.

We arrived at around 7:30 Friday evening and by the time we had a bit of a walk around and a chat it was dark, so I quickly placed the rods in likely spots with an attempt to feel them down, few casts later I was relatively happy so decided to set-up base and join the guys for a burger and a cheeky beer.

Friday night was uneventful but I was receiving liners throughout the night which indicated that the fish visited the margins after dark, I managed to spot a little common at my rod tips around 1:00AM.

The lake was extremely rich with dense weed and naturals, something that the originals would have conditioned themselves to and learnt to live off.  If I was going to stand a chance of laying my hands on an original I felt I needed to fish within their natural food chain.

First place to start was a decent food based boilie rather than a synthetic flavoured alien bait and CCMoore’s new Equinox range matched the criteria perfectly.

My lose feed was based around shrimp pellets which were made using very low oil carp pellets, covered in liquidized river shrimp. The pellets soak up all the liquid and if you coat them on a little and often basis they remain intact and make a perfect, natural lose feed.

Kislingbury is quite a pressured water so I wanted to disguise my rigs as much as possible. I’m convinced that pressured carp such as these can sometimes recognise rig components, especially a reflection from a hook so I cover my hook with patterns that match my base feed, which in this instance was shrimp

Saturday we all round the rods in and had a BBQ which as fantastic, more food and beer that you could even consider eating or drinking. We spent most of Saturday meeting and speaking to the syndicate members and generally having a good laugh.

It was a refreshing change, without having the pressure to get fishing. It felt like how fishing should be, relaxed, enjoyable, social and collective. Catching a fish was just a bonus and it was nice to see that aspect of fishing again.

I managed to get the rods back out for a few hours on Saturday night but unfortunately nothing materialised. Although I didn’t get to fish much it truly was a great weekend and it was nice to put catching a fish second for a change.


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