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Ian Jarrold: A nice way to finish the year.

Ian Jarrold: A nice way to finish the year.

Ian Jarrold: A nice way to finish the year. 5/5 (100%) 1 vote

This month is a double header as I missed an update for November as after arriving back from holiday I have just been too busy to actually sit down and write the diary piece. If anyone tells you that moving house is not a stressful and time consuming task they are lying to you.

Anyway on with the fishing I arrived back from holiday on Friday the ninth of November and with the house move pushed back to the end of November I had few weeks to get the rods back out. As I was not back to work till the following Wednesday I planned to get out on the Monday for a night.

I got up the lake at first light on the Monday and found the lake completely deserted I was the only one down I thought lovely. I parked up on the point hoping that the fish were still holding out over the gulley, all though they had not seen any bait for a couple of weeks on the spots. I had a look for an hour without seeing anything and so decided the point was a good place to start considering the start I had from there last month.

I used the bait boat to run all three rods out to the 135 yard mark to the gulley and we were fishing within the hour. I used the boat to give them a bit of bait and after four boatful’s I had 5 kilos of chopped and whole N-gage XP along with Three kilos of hemp, which I had sweetened slightly with talin after it had boiled I have found this has worked well in the winter for me before. Up with the house and on with the kettle I sat back to watch the water, that first day was very quiet only seeing a couple of fish just beyond rods which made me quietly confident that the fish would move in during the night.

Having had a bream at five on the Tuesday morning I was up and ready to get the rod back out at first light. An hour after first light the fish started showing over the gulley and the liners began, at ten o’clock the middle of the three rods pulled up tight and I wound down in to what was obviously a carp and five minutes late after a pretty uneventful fight I had a 21lb 14oz mirror in the net and a gorgeous one too. 

The rods were soon back on the spot with a kilo of hemp and half a kilo of chopped and whole N-gage XP. I didn’t have to wait to long for the next bite as at half eleven the left hand rod was away, this was a completely different fight as the fish was darting about everywhere going through both the other rods before eventually weeding itself up about thirty yards out, with a little persuasion the fish was soon on the move but ten yards out it made one final bid for freedom and the hook pulled, I was gutted as it would have been nice to have landed but I did have an inkling it was a smaller fish the way it was darting about so much.

As the lost fish had gone through the other two rods I decided to boat all three out again for the afternoon. After about half an hour I had three 15m hardened N-gage hook baits with pink northern special tippers fishing over three kilos of chops and whole baits and hemp.

I was looking forward to the night and the day ahead but then the Mrs rang to say I needed to sign some paperwork for the house we were buying, I told her I would fish till dark then come home. I started to pack up slowly and with rods just left out I was willing one of them to go at half three the middle rod obliged and I leant into what felt like a better fish.

The fight was a slow and heavy affair with the fish kiting slowly out to the left and well away from the other two rods. All though a heavy fight the fish came in fairly easy and I was soon slipping the net under a lovely 28lb 5oz mirror, now I really did not want to go home.

I was not due back at work until the following night and so I decided to go home sign the paperwork and then head back at first light the next morning. But before I left I used the boat to put the rest of the bait out that I had with me. Arriving home I had tea and set about boiling a bucket full of hemp up and got the last five kilo of N-gage I had out of the freezer and chopped half of it up ready for early the next morning.

Arriving at the lake the next morning I could tell from the track that someone had beaten me down but thankfully they were not in the point and within the hour the three pink snowmen were fishing. I only put half a kilo of hemp and a handful of N-gage in each boat with the hook baits as I had put a fair bit out the night before.

It was quiet regards shows and liners and I was beginning to think nothing was going to happen but then at half one the left hand gulley rod was away which resulted in a 19lb 8oz common and then ten minutes later the middle rod was away which resulted in a 20lb 2oz common not bad for a day session. Again just before leaving I baited the spots with the remainder of the N-gage and the hemp and talin in the hope the fish would keep visiting the spots until I could get back on the following Monday after my Night shifts.

During the week I ordered myself 20 kilos of 15mm live system freezer baits and two tubs of hardened hook baits which arrived on the Friday in plenty of time for getting back up the lake on the Monday.

I only had the one night to do on the Monday and the day the next day as we were starting to pack the house up and I really did not want to leave it till the last minute. So again I dropped in the point as the two anglers that were fishing had set up down the other end. Whilst setting up and boating the rods out I saw five shows three over gulley rods and then two slightly shorter and to the left. I made a mental note and thought I would have a plumb around the next day if all was quiet.

I was soon fishing and armed with live system and the hemp and talin I was more than confident especially with the shows I had seen. Twenty minutes after I had run the rods out the first victim of the live system was in the net a nice pristine 12lb common I slipped him back and got the rod ready to go back out, I was just about to drop bait boat in water when the middle rod was away unfortunately this one weeded me up and although I managed to keep what I though was fish moving and coming towards me all I ended up with was a ball of weed.

I soon had the rods back out and this time I filled the boat right up as obviously there were a few fish about. Half two in the afternoon the right hand rod was away and I leant in to a much bigger feeling fish. Again the fight was long and heavy but I was always in control and soon I was hoisting 29lb 6oz seriously scaly carp up for the camera.

I had no more that day but again just on dark I saw another couple fish show short and left where I had seen the fish show that morning. The night was uneventful again and I woke to loads of rain and it was a lot colder than it had been it looked very quiet, I gave it till ten then decided to start packing away as I had not seen out all morning at twelve I had run on the right hand rod which resulted in an 18lb common. I decided to bait the gulley and then have a plumb around the area I had seen the fish show the day before. It was fairly weedy but there was one spot I could get the marker to crack down hard so I decided to bait this as well for the next session.

It was the following Monday and it was my last night before we moved house at the end of November. Again the point was free I could not believe no one had gone in there yet but fair play for not  jumping in on someone else hard work is good angling in my book. The rods again were out first then the house up and not even got me bed out and the middle rod was away which resulted in a mirror of 25lb and then an hour later the same rod was away and a 20lb common was the culprit.

It was about two o’clock and I re done all three rods again with the live system hook baits and the now deadly pink northern special tippers. Each boat and rod was loaded up with chopped and whole live system and loads of hemp with talin. I saw more fish throughout the afternoon and was surprised when it got dark that I had no more. At eight o’clock the middle rod was away but for some reason the lead never ejected and I lost the fish due to a hook pull twenty yards out, I was gutted as a take at night was very rare. Five in the morning and the same rod was away and a 19lb common was soon in the net, at first light I done the three rods again to freshen them up and the area.

Early afternoon and fish were showing and the bobbins were up and down every few minutes from liners. Half two again the left rod was away and better fish was on the other end again the fish weeded me up the weed was really hanging around even though it was late November. Gentle persuasion and constant tension on line got the fish moving and I was soon holding a 27lb mirror up. I was just about to photograph the fish when the right hand rod pulled up tight and a 10lb common was soon skipped into the net unhooked and released.

That was the end of the action for this trip and I did not know when I would be back as I was moving house and also had to get my other house ready to be rented out. I was gutted as I think as long as I kept the bait going in the gulley the fish would keep feeding right the way through the winter.

It turned out that with moving house and decorating and fixing the other one up it was twenty first of December before I got chance to get back to the lake I had a day session to do. I decided to take eight kilo of Live system with me and two big buckets of hemp and talin as I was going to bait the gulley as there was a chance I might be able to do a three night session between xmas and new year.

With the rods out I sat back on my day chair and looked out from the point for any signs but it was very quiet. I had a couple bleeps on the left hand rod about half one letting me know something was about and ten minutes later that same rod pulled up tight and were away as I was playing it the middle rod also went so just bent down and tightened the clutch on that rod and concentrated on landing the one I had on first. The fight seemed to go on for ever but eventually I netted an 18lb 6oz mirror. I secured the fish in the net and leant into the second but apart from a big ball of weed there was nothing on the end.

It was good day session in all it let me know the fish were still visiting the gulley and before I left I gave them a big hit of bait in readiness for me three nights the week after.

I got down the lake the day after boxing day and straight in the point the rods were out and I settled down for what I was hoping was gone be an eventful three nights. How wrong was I two days and nights past without seeing a fish let alone catching one?

On the day before my last night I saw a fish role on the spot I had found with the marker on one of the previous sessions, I thought it got be worth a go. The rod had been out ten minutes and it was away a 10lb common was the culprit but it was nice to save a blank.

I got up early the next day and done all three rods, two in the gulley and one on the new spot. Early afternoon and the new spot rod was away straight away it was a good fish heavy slow lunges gave it away but like the other better fish I felt in control the hole way through the fight. There were a couple heavy lunges towards the end but soon I netted one of me target mirrors from the water, a stunning 32lb 11oz mirror. I just thought what away to end the year, happy days.

With a bit of work still to do on the old house I am not sure when I am gone get back out but as I am sat here writing this the snow has started falling and the proper cold weather has arrived so for once a bit of DIY is not a bad thing. Be lucky in 2013 and tight lines.

Ian Jarrold.

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