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Hunting For Barbel With the Equinox by Chris Currie

Hunting For Barbel With the Equinox by Chris Currie

Hunting For Barbel With the Equinox by Chris Currie 4/5 (80%) 2 votes

After a couple of months of priming my favourite areas on my local river twice a week (35 minutes away from home);  finally the time came to fish, after the warm weather of the last couple of weeks and the barbel spawning, (a spectacle  everyone  should witness at least once in a lifetime)  I’d decided to leave them to it over the last month with temperatures of 20 degrees in the water for over a week , it was certainly more than a little warm and more importantly ethically not good to fish for spawning fish.

I kept the bait going in around this period on a few spots to keep the barbel interested when they weren’t spawning. This would involve using a bait dropper filled with a mix I’d used and tweaked for months to get it just right.  After careful observations I chose the bulk of all ingredients from CC Moore’s consisting of particles in Talin, Betaine HNV pellets 4mm, Mini Ultramix, salmon micro feed, liquid bloodworm extract and meteor liquid additive with crumbed and chopped meteor boilies and a few whole 10mm meteor boilies.

This I hoped would draw the fish in on many levels both in liquid and powder form attraction. The rivers in Southern England were certainly fishing a little hard due I’m sure to the fact the water temperatures were high and fish spawning everyone around the area was finding it tough on the river at this time.

Around mid July I was fortunate to have been offered the new CC Moore’s Equinox which on reflection was a leap of faith for me after all the baiting with CC Moore’s Meteor throughout the last few months.

I felt from my own experience that the Equinox looked every bit a quality bait and promptly crushed/chopped and added a few whole 10mms to the mix at the same ratio as the Meteor to see what the response would be. That evening after finishing work I raced to the river full of anticipation of what may lie ahead and promptly found the pre-baited swim looking devoid of fish, although visibility wasn’t great, due to the recent algae blooms.

I quickly shot down the bank to check the spawning gravel and there was no sign there either.  At this point I took my chance and swung the rig out with a 15mm Equinox boilie trimmed down into a pellet shape and a little pva bag of broken Equinox boilies I then dipped it all in the liquid Equinox additive before casting to the pre-baited gravel spot which felt very polished; almost immediately I had liners which was a good sign and within 10 minutes the tip wrapped round and I was connected to a hard fighting barbel which tore around the swim trying to rid the hook wherever possible.

After ten minutes it began to tire and I finally got a glimpse of the fish which spent most of its time hard on the bottom, it looked huge, certainly a possible PB so quickly netted the beast and while it rested in the net readied everything and slipped it into the sling, I must say thanks to my two friends for the help and great pictures.

I was more than a little surprised to see the needle register 11lb 10oz, a new personal best.  The fish was very spawned out it had a big frame and I would imagine could have been closer to 13lbs at the right time of the year,  I was certainly more than a little chuffed with my first barbel of the season after all the hard work.

I later reflected why and i really don’t know why I used the Equinox bait that day as I spent most of the close season baiting with Meteor but it certainly worked for that fish and my confidence has certainly been buoyed by the result.  After the Equinox first introduction it certainly proved to have instant appeal to barbel and I’m hoping there are many more to come….. Another winner from the CC Moore’s range

Tip: This time of the year try dipping your pva bag/hookbait in the chosen liquid of your boilie (obviously check its oil based) before casting out for the instant attraction to any fish in the area!

Tight Lines……. Chris Currie

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