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How To Prepare Sweet Tiger Nuts!

How To Prepare Sweet Tiger Nuts!

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The tiger nut has to be one of the all time classics that just keeps on catching, post spawning especially, the tiger nut has the pulling power like no other particle. The sugary, yeasty and creamy signals they release simply drive the carp into a feeding frenzy and, where allowed, have the ability to trip up carp when all else seems to fail. When it come to preparing particles, most anglers have a degree of uncertainty in terms of ensuring the baits are safe to use. With all particle baits, fresh is always best and where possible, preparing them at home for use within a few weeks is the most effective.

Due to their sugary nature, tiger nuts once prepared, can last up to a few months with no need for freezing. In fact, some anglers prefer to leave the particles soaking for weeks after the preparation stage, allowing the baits to slightly ferment, releasing natural sugars and sweet, subtle aromas.

If you haven’t used tiger nuts within your angling, then you should certainly give them a go. The qualities they offer in terms of resilience, durability and attractor profile is second to none. This simple, how-to guide on creating the perfect tiger nuts will aim to showcase the ease of preparation; saving pennies on buying off the shelf tubs and also increasing the food signals and feeding stimulants released with a few extra tweaks.

Step 1- Simply pour the required amount of dry, uncooked tigers nuts into a bucket or sealable container.

Step 2- Fill the bucket with cold water until the tigers are completely covered.

Step 3- Seal the container and place in a cool space out of direct sunlight for a minimum of 24 hours.

Step 4- Once the tigers have been soaked, pour them into the boiler or pan.

Step 5- Bring tigers to the boil and leave simmering away for 30- 45 minutes.

Step 6- Once tigers have been cooked, allow to cool and pour into a bucket.

Step 7- Give them a healthy glug with some Liquid Betaine to further enhance the sugary appeal.

Step 8- Followed by a light dusting with Betaine Powder to kick start the fermentation of the nuts.

Step 9- Leave the tigers to full absorb the natural juices ready to use and catch carp.

Step 10- Pick out the best tigers for hookbaits, good sized, evenly shaped bait is best.

Step 11- Give the hookbaits a boost with the Talin bait spray, to increase the pulling power of the hook baits.

Step 12- Finish them with a dusting of Betaine powder to create the ultimate tiger nut hook bait.

Store the baits for a few days before using them; allowing the sugary goodness of the golden nuggets to seep out and mix with the liquid, creating a gloopy, sticky concoction that simply oozes prolonged attraction. Unlike buying the jars, this way of preparing these devastating baits allows them to ferment in their own juices, boosting them tenfold. With the simple steps highlighted above, you will have the carpiest, power packed tigers in no time at all!

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