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How To Make Nutty Balls

How To Make Nutty Balls

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The method is somewhat a forgotten tactic, but like all good things, they often come round in circles and there is no doubting that on certain waters, this classic style of baiting can prove devastating. The method relies heavily on creating a competitive feeding scenario, with small parcels of attractive goodness scattered throughout the swim. The fish will often feed with gusto, breaking the small balls and spreading the morsels throughout the swim, covering the surrounding weed in small fragments of nut and seed. This tactic is particularly effective when clearing spots among old weed beds and silt pockets.

The method certainly has many advantages over traditional spod style tactics; for instance, due to the large surface area of the baiting balls, they sit effectively over debris on the lakebed such as low-lying silkweed. The size and weight of the method balls can be quickly tailored to suit the situation, where sometimes finding small groups of feeding fish, it is important to introduce bait stealthily at close quarters. Prep is often key on short sessions, so a number of these balls can be made at home, retaining their shape until out on the bank.

This technical piece gives an insight into a dedicated big carp method mix, incorporating larger food items and particles that create a prolonged feeding response. The key with the method is getting it to bind correctly, but with the right ingredients and levels, you will have some of the most attractive, carpy method balls in next to no time!

This mix is based around a devastating blend of highly attractive, visual nut products to create a super sweet, crunchy and highly appealing mix that no carp will turn down. Once introduced into the water column, the power packed balls will begin to break down, releasing small fragments of nut through the layers; creating a superb cloudy food signal in and around the baited spot.

Making the nutty balls is simple, but key to getting them to bind effectively in order to stay intact when catapulting any distance.

Step 1- Add a few scoops of Roasted Nut Partiblend into a bucket.

Step 2- Add around half a bottle of Corn Sweet Syrup.

Step 3- The Syrup is key to helping the bait bind effectively.

Step 4- Give the two ingredients a thorough mix together.

Step 5- Take a few handfuls of Tiger Nut Flour.

Step 6- Sprinkle the flour evenly over the mix.

Step 7- Begin to mix together, starting the binding process.

Step 8- Now take a handful of Milk N Nut Crush.

Step 9- Evenly spread the nutty powder over the mix.

Step 10- Leave the mix for an hour before creating the Nutty balls.

Step 11- Form the baited method rig and use in conjunction with a Creamed Tiger Nut.

Step 12- Form a number of balls ready to bait up the desired spot.




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