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How To Make Fiery Floaters

How To Make Fiery Floaters

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The time is among us where surface fishing really does come into its own; the daytime temperatures are warm and sun tanned faces are starting to make an appearance across the UK. As a result, the carp are active, seeking items of food while cruising close to the surface.

The backs of those wily creatures breaking the surface as you stare out over the glistening water, with a bag of floaters and catapult at the ready; you certainly know you’re in with a chance! But, the carp know the score and after introducing a few pouchfuls of mixers, the carp start slurping them down one after another. Before long, they have moved off, seeking warmth in other areas of the lake and you are left with little more than a hookbait in situ.

Like most lakes, mixers or dog biscuits as they are commonly known are used year in, year out. The fish quickly wise up to this long-standing tactic, often becoming very cagey when trying to build their confidence by slowly trickling the baits in. These bland, floating baits offer little in the way of differentiation and have most likely been used hours before by another angler hoping to create a bit of surface luck.

Much like boilies and pellets, floaters can be pimped up to add an alternative angle of attraction. Customising the baits ensures the carp are much more inclined to readily take the baits, when compared to floaters straight from the bag. Not only does this create a stronger feeding response, but by tweaking them with a few extras here and there, means that you are altering the attractor profile of your floaters from other anglers who are fishing with the same tactic.

This feature takes a closer look at how to ‘pimp’ your floaters, generating an altogether different bait label that will allow food signals to penetrate through the water column, drawing fish in to investigate. Creating power-packed floaters is simple, but offers greater ability to get the fish fired up and into a feeding frenzy; pack-manning at floaters one after another.

The inclusion of added ingredients creates a three-dimensional dispersal of attraction within the water, the oils will disperse across the surface, while the dense liquids will dissipate down through the water column, drawing fish up that may be cruising lower down. The inclusion of a powder forms a distinctive cloud in the water, luring fish to the coloured burst of powdered particles that seep from the outside of the floaters. This neat little trick allows a high level of flavour and scent to leak into the water column, triggering key feeding receptors from the carp that induce a feeding response.

Creating these awesome floaters is simple:


1-    Start by adding a bag of 6mm floating trout pellets to a bucket

2-    Add half a bag of 11mm floating trout pellets to the mix

3-    A mixture ensures the carp have to keep guessing, not allowing them to single out a particular size as a hookbait

4-    Add a healthy dose of Smoked Salmon Oil, this helps to slick off the surface when introduced

5-    Follow this up with a healthy glug of Hot Chorizo Extract, this really does fire up those floaters!

6-    Allow the Trout Pellets to soak in the liquids for about an hour, leaving an oily glistening texture, bursting with attraction

7-    Now the floaters are sticky to the touch, add a few handfuls of the potent, fluffy Krill meal, this helps to form a lovely cloud of fishy appeal in the water

8-    The combination of liquids and powders cling to the surface of the floaters, providing an exceptional boost of flavour and leakage when introduced

9-    To mimic the free offerings, simply take a pot of Due Floating hookbaits and give a light dusting of Krill meal

This simple, yet highly effective tactic will certainly help to get those carp slurping down floaters with gusto. Boosting the floaters not only aids the leakage of attraction through the waters layers, but allows you to customise your surface baits in order to offer the carp something they simply haven’t come across before!

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