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How I Caught Spike From Elsons – Brad Wegner

How I Caught Spike From Elsons – Brad Wegner

How I Caught Spike From Elsons – Brad Wegner 2/5 (40%) 1 vote

I arrived down the lake after work, in the late afternoon. It was warm and muggy. The first corner of the lake I walked into, I found a load of fish on the surface in front of the shallow water. I dropped the barrow in the swim, but continued to do a lap of the lake to see what else was about because as at this point, I wasn’t after quantities of fish, I was targetting an individual carp called Spike.

It was one that I had been after for around 3 years and a fish that had evaded me. I went to the opposite end of the lake to an area I’ve had a lot of success in during the warmer months. A lad that I know was in the end swim and after having a quick chat and a catch up, he brought it to my attention that he saw a long, grey mirror over an area I’ve been fishing a lot recently. He also brought up the fact that he was off home in the next 10 minutes. I took the oppurtunity to get straight up that end of the lake and in the area. I positioned my rods onto the spots I knew like the back of my hand, ones that always produced the goods. A couple of weeks prior, I found a new area and the first time I positioned a rig on it I landed a very rare one for the lake called the Robin Common at just over 35lb.

I placed my rod on this same area with a flurocarbon D Rig, complete with a Pacific Tuna wafter and a few handfuls of chops over the top. The following morning at first light that rod was away and after weeding me up for quite a while, the fish glided free and came in like a sack of wet potatos with weed round its head. Not knowing what fish had graced my net I peered in. I was in disbelief, I’d finally done it, my campaign was over, Spike was in the cells of the landing net!

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