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Horton Church Scaly – James Barrett

Horton Church Scaly – James Barrett

Horton Church Scaly – James Barrett 5/5 (100%) 1 vote

I arrived at the lake Horton Church just before dark with a couple of days annual leave in front of me. Fish had been evident in a particular area a few days before and despite the lake being fairly busy on my arrival, I managed to get into a prime plot with a fresh southerly wind gently pushing in. The first night was uneventful but with the alarm set for 05:00, I was up and looking before the sun poked through and found there to be a number of fish in front of me.

Despite not receiving any action, I noted a particular area where I had seen a couple of decent fish slosh out. It transpired to be fairly deep silt but devoid of the black, dying weed which a large proportion of the bottom is currently suffering with. I positioned a CC Moore NS1+ on a hinge rig in the zone with a peppering of Odyssey XXX and Live System baits dispatched with the stick. At first light the next day, the fish were once again showing, although thick fog descended and killed off the action. Around half an hour passed before my right hand rod pulled up tight and after a spirited battle with the fish trying to make the sanctuary of some tree roots to my right, for the second time this season, a fish known as ‘Chilly’ was in my net. On the scales she went 28.04, a new top weight and looked glorious in the morning sun.

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