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Horton Brace – James Butcher

Horton Brace – James Butcher

Horton Brace – James Butcher 5/5 (100%) 1 vote

<div>I had my first trip on the Horton Church Lake since it reopened after a 2 week break. I have never fished there before, as I was previously targeting K1. I arrived early at the gates of the main car park, but they were shut until 7am.

I was brimming with excitement. At 7am, Vince let us all in and after talking to a few guys it seem like the middle of the lake seemed to be the best place. I setup in a swim called Phils Dugout, which is to the right of a very popular swim called Captors. Both swims were known to do fish this time of year.
The guy in there put me onto a good spot at 21 wraps towards a tall tree on the far bank. I just wrapped my 1st rod and was just putting my second rod together when out of the corner of my eye I saw one show, which looked at around 40/50yrd.
I saw it fizz up and so I flicked a lead out to get a feel for the area. It seemed relatively firm and so I settled on fishing singles to try and nick a bite.
After bite time had been and gone, I thought I would give it a little bait and so put 6 medium-sized spombs over each rod.
This consisted of 14mm and 10mm CC Moore Pacific Tuna. A few hours went by until I saw another show. I was feeling confident that night, but woke up to motionless indicators.
That day, I saw a couple more shows over my spots early in the morning, but still no joy. After the normal morning bite time was over, I decided to change tactics and thread on a 14mm wafter to see if that made a difference.
The long rod was on a snowman presentation anyway. I went to bed early that night, to ensure that I was fresh to get up early and look for any signs at first light.
I was glad I did, as I was seeing signs of fish on my spots showing and fizzing up. Still nothing was happening and I was due to leave at 5pm when out of the blue the longer rod pulled up tight and I was into my 1st Horton Church Lake fish.
The old legs were shaking a bit and after a good fight a nice mirror called Silky was in the net. With help from the guy next door, we put a weight of 34lb 4oz on her and took a couple of pictures and slipped her back.
I got the rod back out, sat down and put the kettle on. I was just pouring out a cup of tea and the short rod at 13 wraps was away. After a good scrap, a fish known as the Dynamite fish was in my net, happy days, she went 43lb 8oz and I was over the moon. Two fish on my 1st trip – I couldn’t have asked for more so went home a very happy carp angler.

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