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Hat Trick Of 30′s – Matt Walker

Hat Trick Of 30′s – Matt Walker

Hat Trick Of 30′s – Matt Walker 2/5 (40%) 3 votes

<div>I have just returned home from an epic 72 hour session on Pepper Lake at Cottington Fisheries down in Kent. I ended up with a trio of 30′s! I arrived 1st thing Thursday morning buzzing to get started.

I walked a few laps round the lake and realised that there was a good amount of fish just under the surface in the old end of the lake in pegs 1 and 2 – it didn’t take long to get them mopping up the mixers so I opted for a trimmed down CC Moore Live System pop-up on the hair and within half an hour hooked into 1. After a mental fight, I slipped the net under a 33lb 12oz stunner.
After slipping it back, I quickly rebaited because the fish were still munching. Incredibly, ten mins later I was bent into another hard fighting Cottington lump and as soon as it was in the net I realised it was definitely bigger – this 1 going 35lb 2oz so I was chuffed to say the least my trip couldn’t of started any better!
The weather quickly took a turn for the worst and surface fishing was out the window. The next 24 hours went past completely uneventful over the whole lake! On the Saturdaym I noticed a lump bosh out on the far margin at the back of the wind so I quickly rigged up a hinged stiff rig complete with a 12mm white CC Moore Northern Special and put it in the zone. I quickly followed this with 30 CC Moore Live System over the top and it didn’t take long to be bent into yet another powerful fish – once in the net I realised it was another goodun going 31lb 8oz but looked so much bigger!

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