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Give em some stix by Lee Burden

Give em some stix by Lee Burden

Give em some stix by Lee Burden 5/5 (100%) 1 vote

Early this this year I started a campaign on the river Trent in the Nottingham area, I knew the river fairly well as I’ve fished for the barbel and chub for many years around my home town area, landing carp to 35lb over the years but never really got the feel for the area so kind of neglected it really when it was so close to my home, maybe getting side tracked by larger fish that reside in local gavel pits is more like it.

The Trent fish don’t grow huge but these fish really do pull, when you hook one of these kippers its like hooking a steam train and time to hold on tight!!

I knew these fish had seen more halibut pellet than anything else as the barbel and chub anglers were using these by the ton over the course of the session, the fish were well on them but i needed an edge, something new, but something the fish would get straight onto so without doubt the new stix pellets were going to give me an edge over other anglers using “standard” pellet, the oil content of these is very high with very unique soluble attractors that pull the fish to the pellet instantly.

Without doubt a winning combo would be the matching hook baits glugged in the halibut liquid, this could only help the situation I was trying to create, the pellet itself takes four to five hours to break down in the flow, so I take that into account when baiting as I want a constant flow of attractors leaking out at different times so a little and often approach suits this style of venue, I figured out really quick that going down filling it in wasn’t the way forward with the pellet approach,

The fish loved the stix from day one so it was a matter of strong tackle and location being the other main factor’s on catching these willy old river carp.

I was catching fish from the off sometimes getting 8 or 9 runs a night from certain areas, I was amazed at the amount of fish living in the fast water of the Trent.

Some nights I couldn’t stop the rods just ripping off downstream, i was getting multiple runs from areas I’d walked past for years!!!

It just shows you what a quality bait can do if you put it in the right place at the right time.

The fish weren’t huge this year by many peoples standards, to just over mid 20lb, but a pleasure to catch such old battered warriors and get away from the crowds of pressured waters in the height summer.

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