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Fully – Stuart Hutchings

Fully – Stuart Hutchings

Fully – Stuart Hutchings 4/5 (80%) 1 vote

I decided to go into this years winter campaign on my low-stocked local syndicate using Equinox, with a few added extras. The liquids and dusts I’ve decided to add are Feedstim XP liquid and Fruit Zest concentrate to the Equinox.
My fishing time is very limited due to having a young family so 80% of my fishing is done without actually fishing – most is in the planning.
After clearing a new spot and baiting regularly past the last month or so, my first over nighter produced a bite at first light. A week later, same spot, same tactic, same result! The 1st being a rare appearance of one of the lakes nude mirrors – only the 3rd time in 8 years it has been caught at 25lb 2oz, and the 2nd a lovely fully scaled at 24lb 12oz. Not the biggest by all means, but a good start for a new spot and a new bait.
Both fish fell to 13/14 white Northen Special + on Ronnie rigs.
It’s good to know that even when I’m not actually out on the bank the bait is working for me. That’s the sign of a good quality bait. Now bring on the big girls!

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