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Frozen Water Snails by Kevin Grout

Frozen Water Snails by Kevin Grout

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With a reputation for releasing some incredibly high quality and unique products into the carp angling market, CC Moore have gone from strength to strength. In my opinion this reputation has been proven once again with the release of the ‘Frozen Water Snails’.

Throughout my carp angling experiences I’ve always been a fond believer of applying natural food particles to every fishing situation, regardless of the target water or the dynamics of the carp population within it. With this in mind, you can image how excited I was when I first discovered this incredibly natural product. I was instantly convinced that these minute snails would offer me a major edge in all my carp fishing.

Water Snails have a number of exceptional characteristics which makes them irresistible to carp, for instance, the fantastic salty smell, the miniature size of 1 – 2mm, the crunchiness of the shells but most importantly their natural appearance. The true beauty of this product is that all UK waters containing carp will also contain snails so the carp will be naturally tuned in to consuming the snails without considering the danger of being captured. In my experience of using the water snails, carp instantly react to the bait like a safe, natural food source which dramatically decreases their wariness of rigs.

Not only are the ‘Frozen Water Snails’ the most natural product that I have discovered but also one of the most adaptable. The application can range from being used neat in small PVA bags to being added to a particle mix intended for spodding out. However to date my favourite application is to make a stick mix consisting of approximately 50% snails, 50% CC Moore Bloodworm Stick Mix and a small glug of Blood Worm Extract. I then use the dry mix to make small mesh PVA bags which I use in conjunction with CC Moore’s Mini Bitez. I first used this stick mix in late October last year where I landed 3 fish in a 3 hour afternoon session including this lovely mirror at 26lb 10oz. This quick reaction to the snails was all I needed to confirm my expectations and I can assure you that I will personally be applying these miniature, but highly attractive gem’s to all my future angling.

Kevin Grout

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