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Equinox Challenge on Horseshoe Lake with Darren Hillier

Equinox Challenge on Horseshoe Lake with Darren Hillier

Equinox Challenge on Horseshoe Lake with Darren Hillier 4.7/5 (93%) 6 votes

With holiday period starting from work and the New Equinox bait received, I found myself planning my approach for testing the new bait.

Being early August and summer in full swing, I decided to start on the famous Horseshoe lake in the Cotswolds, as for it being predominantly a shallow lake this would make it an ideal place to try the New Equinox bait with warmer weather forecasted.

Upon arriving at horseshoe I thought I’d head towards the shallower swims where i thought carp could be holding up. Arriving in an area called summer bay i started looking for signs of carp. Twenty minutes had past and failing to spot any carp I decided to move on and after looking at various swims in the area and yet no signs I headed towards a swim called boat point. With the swim being free and knowing there’s a large plato in around 5 1/2 foot of water at 60 to 80 yards range, I thought this area could be a great ambush point for any carp passing through from bay to bay. After a few minutes I decided to give it a go Since locating carp was becoming difficult. With Two rods clipped up at 70 yards and the third at 60 yards this gave me the plato covered.

Fishing over 2 kilos of freezer mixed 15mm and 18mm with added hemp and corn and using simple boilie rig consisting of 6inch Semi stiff NTrap to a wide gape size 8 and size 6 barbless to a lead clip system. Two rods were setup using the Equinox 15mm and 18mm hard hook baits tipped using pink and yellow corn .The third was setup using the 14mm Equinox dumbells tipped with a yellow 8mm hellraiser.

In the Early hours of the first night I had my first indication shortly followed by a one toner and a short fight later I managed to draw the net under my first Equinox fully scaled horseshoe carp weighing in at 18.6lb.Stunning fish and a typical horseshoe strain.

Over the next few days I did manage to land another carp weighing in at 19.2lb. I also had 6 tench and lost a further 8 fish totalling 16 takes which gave me a positive feeling of future bites using the New Equinox range.

After having few days off I decided to pack the car again and head towards a syndicate lake in the cotswolds, ashton keynes area. I planned to fish this 6 acre lake for two nights due to the sudden change in weather conditions and low pressure imminent on south to south westerly winds.

Upon arrival I was surprised with the lack on anglers on the lake and with a huge choice of swims I took my time to have a good look around. After Speaking to a few anglers and with my eyes firmly on the water I decided to head towards an area called the sand bar where carp are known to like in the warmer weather. Being late afternoon it wasn’t long before carp started to show themselves and after watching for a while my choice of swim was decided. After locating my gear In a swim called road bank I flicked a lead out looking for a good spot to fish over. After a few chucks trying not to spook the carp nearby, I found a nice spot of light silk weed at 57 yards enough for two rods. The third rod was located 44 yards over yet again light silk weed closer to the sand bar.

With early evening approaching the weather started to change, winds blowing in from the south to south west, over cast skies with light drizzle it suddenly felt a bite was on the cards. With the spots primmed with 2 kilos of 15mm and 18mm equinox over the area it was time to get the rigs ready. The rig choice this time was Korda semi stiff 20lb to a 8inch section to a size 6 wide gape, all 3 rods I used an 18mm drilled Equinox hard hook bait . The plan was to try and reduce any nuisance fish in the area, from previous experience any small hook baits tipped was a sure way to pick them up.

The evening was certainly entertaining with carp showing all over the area baited, this surely had to be a night for a run. I finally got my head down thinking of what possibilities that could come my way. My first indication that evening came shortly after midnight when my middle rod tore off and within 5 minutes of a power fight I landed my first 24.8lb mirror.

With the photographs done I returned her back. With the rod clipped back up I casted it back out I flicked out a few more boilies and returned to bed. Around 7am the following morning the same rod was off again and this time it felt stronger and as it was kiting across the lake I could feel she was definitely a better fish. I managed to turn her and within a few minutes I had her between spreader block.

With the scales reset I recorded a 28.8lb mirror and the second carp of the night.. Photographs done I returned her back.

With the rod repositioned and area baited I returned back to bivvie for a cuppa tea.

Around 10am my left rod screamed off and after a short fight I managed to land my first ghost common from the lake and weighing in at 16.12lb she was stunning bar of gold with a ghostly head.

This happened to be the final result of the morning but I was happy not only with the results but also gaining confidence the new bait was working well.

During the afternoon I rested the swim but baited up with a further kilo of Equinox. As early evening arrived and new rigs tied I recasted my rods back over previous spots adding another 2 kilos of mixed 15mm and 18mm equinox.

Within half an hour of recasting the middle rod was off again and after a short fight I landed this stunning 15.8lb common.

The following night was a quiet one and when morning arrived I felt the fish had moved on. Around 6am I received a phone call from another angler who had managed to land 2 fish in the early hours and required photographs, so with this in mind I kindly reeled in and assisted with the pictures. Due to family commitments I packed away soon after and headed back home but pleased with my results.

I’ve had a good start with the New Equinox range and hopefully it will continue in the near future.

Darren Hillier

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