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Durleigh Reservoir in Autumn by Kieran Kelly

Durleigh Reservoir in Autumn by Kieran Kelly

Durleigh Reservoir in Autumn by Kieran Kelly 3/5 (60%) 3 votes

07:30am on the BIG D

Durleigh in is a 80 acre Wessex water reservoir between Spaxton and Bridgwater, Somerset and it’s a water I’ve been fishing for years since 2003.
It is a water with a good head of mirrors and commons that have grown from singles to doubles as an average since then, and now holds good number of fish to upper 20 at the right time of year and has good future potential. The venue has good depth to 20+ feet and hard and soft silt areas!

The Lifebouy

On this session being autumn mid October I’ve chosen to fish mid reservoir on a popular known swim 130-140 yards to a soft area which has done me fish before. The swim is approximately 15 yards wide and has the option of fishing to the left to a hard patch which is good for solid bags, micro pellet and CCMoore’s Hellraiser 8mm pop ups, which is generally the best consistent method on the venue for presentation and range fishing in kind winds.

Anyway so back to my area which i arrived in at around 7.55am. Fishing starts at 08.00, so i start applying a good kilo of 15mm CCMoore NGAGE XP ready-mades with the throwing stick, a nice breeze helping me get the range.

Three rods are going to be spread over this area with lead clips coated braid hook links and freezer air-dried baits straight from the bag, tipped with a CCM Hellraiser pop up 8mm to balance it and give some visual. Each rig will have a two bait stringer or bag so as to settle the rig up in the silt.

The rigs & Bait

At this time of year as we know the fish are wanting a bit of bait and this all keys in on here when my syndicates not fishing great. The rods went out all spread about two to three rod lengths apart at around 130 yards, and we were all set! After an initial morning spell of a few shows over the area after baiting all looked good for some action

The sun began to break through and gave some warmth to a cold start.

At around 9.50 the first rod was away with a slow take, Lifting into it keeping the tips low which brings the fish up in the water away from any stumps on the bottom which in here there are a few! Putting up a good plod and after a nice 5min fight over the cord she goes a nice common of 18lbs. Good start!

Rig assessed and hook checked for sharpness i re-baited and redeployed to the same area! After a brew the after-noon pushed on with a few more shows at distance in the warming sun and another 100 baits were deployed!
As we went into lunch the right hand rod ticked off and we were in again.
This time a solid slow plod at distance and keeping things low as always, and a good 10mins fight another really good common went over the cord. Good fish I thought this time, and my fishing partner agreed when we saw it on the mat! 20lbs 06. Another 20 from the venue.

Another 100-200 baits out to the spot after pics and the rod deployed to the same key area, certainly the softer area was presenting the longer hook links well!
Another quiet spell of tension pushed into the late afternoon and looked good for another good fish as the sun got lower.  With all rods doing bites I thought the middle rod could do with a re-cast and refresh, So out it was fizzed with a new bait tipped, and stringer. Within 10mins i was getting liners and it all looked good for a bite at any minute slowly pulling up and the hanger was out of the clip and the spool was whizzing off!

Leaning in I knew it was again another good fish. Waders were donned this time and in I went to make sure she was mine, as there was a lot of weed flower growth in front of the swim. The sun was setting and it all was good to be well bent in and catching.  After 10-15mins she lopped into the net another good fish! 20lb 10 on the scales so well happy and another common.

A dark bait was showing on the mat and i knew they had been eating it from last session to so the N-Gage XP was getting eaten!  Hope fully with a good amount of good quality bait going in over the next 5-10 years the venue will be doing 30lb plus fish which will be great.

With pictures done and packing up to do as this venue is days only it was good to know that they love the bait and the application worked. The rest of the bait went out for them for next time as a gift to the carp for a good session! Three fish to 20.10 and 2 x 20s is good for this place. The fish in Durleigh are getting bigger and I’ll be back soon.

Get on the CCMoore Bait and you will not be disappointed, Tight Lines

Kieran Kelly

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