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Dried Insect Meal by Kevin Grout

Dried Insect Meal by Kevin Grout

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I often concentrate on using maggots during the winter months. However during the summer months I find maggots to be very expensive due to the larger volumes required, difficult to keep fresh, and annoyingly attractive to nuisance fish.

Over the past few years this has really frustrated me as I’m fully aware that carp spend a large amount of time in the warmer months grazing on natural food particles, and ignoring commonly used anglers bait. So when I discovered CC Moore ‘Dried Insect Meal’ I hoped that my frustration had been resolved, and thankfully it had.

Dried Insect Meal contains a mix of aquatic invertebrates, like freshwater shrimp, that have been freeze dried and crushed into a meal. This process allows the natural food particles to stay fresh for a very long time but also makes the natural food very adaptable for carp fishing without attracting large numbers of nuisance fish.

I now apply the Dried Insect Meal to all of my fishing techniques regardless of the style of fishing or weather conditions. By rehydrating the meal and applying it to a spod mix such as ‘Sweet Nut Cloud’ I gain a naturally attractive edge, very different from most angler’s applications. Also by applying the dry meal into a pellet and ground bait stick mix I can create a very subtle but irresistible mouthful of bait that even on the warmest or coldest days, carp cannot resist.

Kevin Grout 

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