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Dan Stacey Equinox Session Report

Dan Stacey Equinox Session Report

Dan Stacey Equinox Session Report 3.4/5 (68%) 10 votes

Well 2014 is now well underway and hopefully we all have waters lined up for the next 12month’s and thinking about our target/dream fish because I know I certainly am.

Well due to nature my winter waters had both been destroyed and without saying to much I was left in a deep hole and I didn’t really know what to do. Now my winter fishing is normally on the better stocked water getting bites any enjoying myself until I can sink my teeth into my more serious campaign. The only water I really had in mind for the next couple of trips was a water in Cambridgeshire that’s about 9 acres in size and still very weedy with around 45-50fish present, it’s obvious that the action wasn’t going to be stupid but I also felt confident if I could locate fish in there watery kingdom I could catch them but that was the key LOCATION. With only a couple people fishing and only small amount of bait going in I decided to go with a different approach and really keep the bait going in on a deeper silt area.

With every other angler using boilies and small particles not really a option due to all the small fish present and long hours of dark, I really wanted to give myself something special and different to all the other anglers around. My chosen bait C.C.Moore’s “Equinox” was already a proven bait over the last year for me and a bait I didn’t want to change, so my plan was to make the bait better, when getting the bait out the freezer the night before I glugged the baits with 30ml/kg of the new ‘’Response + Spice Bait Booster” leaving the bait to soak all the goodness in overnight. If this wasn’t enough just before I cast out I dipped the hookbait into pure betaine powder with a small stick of crushed boilie to protect the hook point, doing and seeing a tank test and how all the attractions sit around my hookbait surely was only going to help catch these old historic fish.

The day before my planned 24hour trip the rain was lashing down but the daytime temperature was half decent for the time of year, I grabbed my pre-soaked Equinox and set off for a stomp around the lake. With only 1 other member fishing in a small bay behind a small dot island it gave me a big expanse of open water to concentrate my efforts towards. It felt so carpy everything looked good with a warmish breeze the water didn’t look all wintery and I even saw a coot look all on edge when darting across the surface so with this in mind I just knew I had to be in this area.

After finding a few areas with my marker rod and jotting my spots onto a piece of paper for future reference, I started thinking that I didn’t really want to pre-bait the area because James hadn’t seen any fish and I didn’t want to kill off any chances before I started but I had a plan and I felt with no other’s catching on the lake it could really pay off, so out went my 2kilo of bait over 3 spots.

I can honestly say when I got home and started preparing a few rigs I was really excited about getting back down the lake in the morning, with all the gear, food and bait sorted it was now family time and enjoy the evening in the warm.

Well after arriving at the lake and getting the rod’s on the spots it’s was now time to relax……Never I was scanning the water until my eyes started bleeding but with no joy I felt rejected by the Carp gods. Just as it getting dark I start cooking a lovely spag bowl to warm me up for the night ahead when completely out the blue a flurry of bleeps cried out from my Delkim running down the steps and striking into thin air I started reeling in thinking I had been “done” or had a small liner then wack my rod took full test curve and battle commenced, after a knee wrenching 5 mins the head touch beam was lighting up a low 20lb linear and I went about getting the photos done and rod back on the spot.

Well what I forgot to do when I got the bite was turn the gas off for the cooking pasta……lesson completely learnt the pan and my tea was a total disaster and I went to bed a hungry but very happy man with a low 20lb fish under my belt.

The night was uneventful and was really quite so after a good start I was probably just expecting to much for a winter session but as I’m sitting on my bedchair watching it getting light in front of my eyes drinking the first cup of tea of the day, I was willing any rod to rattle off, but it still didn’t happen. It was getting late and I was having a slow pack up getting everything loaded onto the barrow when my left had rod belted off, rod pulling round clutch screaming something Carp Anglers dream about and I was attached to a big old angry Carp. After a epic battle with my heart in my mouth getting weeded up and wiping out my other two rod’s the big golden Common was ready for the waiting net. A big shout when she was safety mine and on the scales she registered my first 30+ fish in 2014, 31lb 10oz to be precious. James did some great water shots in the freezing cold water to prove how special this old history fish was to not just me but him as well.

I really do think that thinking outside the box and going that extra mile will catch that dream fish or even the match winning fish, it’s a tactic I will be using more over the next few months.

Cheers Dan

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