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Custom Boilie Recipes: Rolling with the times

Custom Boilie Recipes: Rolling with the times

Custom Boilie Recipes: Rolling with the times 4/5 (80%) 3 votes

This article is based on designing and making your home made baits. It can be truly rewarding catching the quarry we seek on a homemade boilie.

The amount of bait making ingredients the CC Moore team have to offer is outstanding , with the quality and price being second to none I’ve used the products now for years in my own bait making and cant fault it. It really is the best in my opinion.

Boilies are generally a mixture of dry ingredients, various additives and flavour compounds. This mixture is then added to the eggs and liquids and made into dough like consistency, then rolled into round baits of various sizes. These are then boiled or steamed for different times depending how firm or soft you like them. The longer you boil the firmer they will be. Boiling times vary from 60 seconds up to 3 minutes.

There normally labelled as; Fish meals

Milk proteins

Bird foods

Meat meals


Boilies are a lot more complex nowadays as they normally contain a percentage of each. But don’t let all the technical stuff put you off as it can be as simple or as technical as you make it. But I warn you, it can become very addictive…

To start off I’ll give 3 different mixes that I’ve used over the years using the CC Moore products found on there website. I’ve changed things slightly over time as new products come to light. By all means play around with the mixes yourself by using different flavour compounds and additives that you may have done well on in the past, the fun part is playing around with bits and bobs, It can be a great edge having something unique for yourself and different from the norm, and you never know you might just temp that P.B to the back of your net along the way.

Be luck,

Scott Bennett

Recipe 1               Recipe 2

200g LT 94 Fish Meal                                         100g   Asian spice meal

100g Pre-Digested Fish Meal                            100g   Meggablend

50g Rennet Casein                                             100g   Supergold 60

50g Whey Protein Concentrate                     100g   semolina

50g Calcium Caseinate                                   100g Moores CLO

100g Moores CLO                                            75g Soya Flour

100g Soya Flour                                               75g Vitamealo Mil Powder

100g Maize Flour                                            50g Rennet Casein

50g Vitamealo Milk Powder                         50g Acid Casein

50g Robin Red                                                 50g Yeast Powder

50g Crunchy Kelp Meal                                  50g Whey Protein Concentrate

25g Wheat Germ                                             100g Whole Egg Powder

20ml Liquid Shellfish Concentrate               15ml Liquid Liver Extract

20ml Liquid Mussel Extract                           15ml Red Venom

2ml Sweet Fruit Enhancer                             1ml Talin

4ml Ultra Tangerine Essence                        10ml Hemp Oil

6 Large eggs                                                     6 Large eggs


Recipe 3

200g Antarctic Krill Meal

100g LT 94 Fish Meal

100g Pre-Digested Fish Meal

100g Moores CLO

100g Maize Flour

100g Soya Flour

100g Semolina

50g Crunchy Kelp Meal

25g Squid Concentrate

50g GLM Extract

30ml Krill Amino Compound

10ml Salmon Oil

6 Large eggs

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