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CC Moore Classic Pieces: N-Gage XP by Myles Gibson

CC Moore Classic Pieces: N-Gage XP by Myles Gibson

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Every now and again we like to have a read back through older ‘classic’ articles that we enjoyed for varying reasons, this piece from Myles rings true, looking back at how much people were expecting from the N-Gage and how it delivered above all expectancy. Here is what Myles had to say, certainly put a smile on our face reading it:

Following on from the successful Odyssey XXX, CC Moore have developed what looks set to become yet another devastating bait; the new N-GAGE XP. With results speaking for themselves, already a large number of big UK carp from hard, pressured waters have fallen victim to this new product.

The N-GAGE XP is packed with goodies, including proteins sourced from egg, fish, milk and vegetable products and is combined with attractors such as spirulina, GLM ext, animal proteins and the unique Feedstim XP to create a bait that oozes natural, water soluble attraction making it a good all year round bait.

I first started using N-GAGE XP in late June (09) whilst fishing a very tricky, midlands ‘day only’ lake. I was surprised how instant the bait was, as, on my first session using it and after locating some fish, I managed to sneak out a small common and a stunning 33lb 8oz mirror.

Then the following week I managed another two takes from the same area- one of which was my target fish, a real old warrior, slate grey in colour, at just over 40lb.

To say I was impressed with N- Gage XP was an understatement!

When fishing over any amount of boilies I tend to introduce different sized baits, these normally being whole and chopped 15 and 18mm boilies. I do this because I believe if the carp are feeding on baits which have different buoyancy levels they are a lot less likely to single out the hook bait, therefore making them easier to catch. I’m also a big fan of fishing double baits, with there being two baits on the hair as opposed to just one it is a lot more difficult for the carp to eject the hook bait once it’s been sucked in.

More often than not I will fish a snowman set up, and in doing so have found that a 14mm bottom bait accompanied by a 14mm air ball pop up balances my hook choice nicely.

This usually sends the hook bait further back into the carp’s mouth giving the rig longer to do its job.

I hope this superb new product helps you catch a few of your target fish like it has for me already…..get on it now before someone else on your water beats you to it!

Good luck, Myles Gibson

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