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Catch More Carp With Salmon Oil – Darren Lamey

Catch More Carp With Salmon Oil – Darren Lamey

Catch More Carp With Salmon Oil – Darren Lamey 3.8/5 (75%) 12 votes

Since using CC MOORE winterised Pure Salmon Oil, my catch rates really have gone up! It has also helped me bank one of my target fish. Over the years, Pure Salmon Oil is certainly one of the best liquid additives that many carp anglers try to keep hush hush. With it being a recognised as a supplier of Omega 3 and 6 oils it is also a very rich/powerful source of energy containing antioxidants and natural attraction properties that enhances baits once applied which really can help you put more fish on the bank!So here are my top ten tips to get the most out of your Salmon Oil, which hopefully will help you or give you an edge on your waters!

1 Enhance your free offerings

One of my favourite edges with Salmon Oil is giving my free offerings a nice glaze.

This is done as soon as I take my boilies out of the freezer. Simply pour enough boilies out into a bucket straight from the freezer and add the oil evenly! Once the oil is added just shake the bucket giving the bait an even glaze. You will find that as the bait defrosts it really absorbs more of the oil giving it extra attraction! (You only need to use a maximum of 20ml per kilo)

Once on the bank you can chop or crush some of your boilies in the bucket and give it another good shake as this will help the leakage times of the Salmon Oil vary throughout the session once the bait has been applied to the baited area in the lake!

You can also boil up some lake water and pour over the mixture of whole/chopped/crushed boilies to activate the additives within the boilie and oil! This will also create a lovely slick on the surface and throughout the session the oil will leak out of the baits at various times which will draw the fish down to feed. As they feed on the spot you will also notice a slick kick up off the spot which is a fantastic way to visually indicate fish are feeding or something has disturbed the spot.

2 Solid bags

Solid bags are a very under used method which can be very deadly! Adding Salmon Oil to your bag mix is another fantastic way to help draw the fish down to feed as the oil will slowly leak out and rise up within the water column which will hopefully help them home in onto your hook-bait!

Salmon Oil is PVA friendly so you can also use a syringe to inject the oil into the bags before casting, yet again you will notice small flat spots over your baited area whist fishing.

3 Stick mixes

If you have the time to prepare a good stick mix prior to your session, giving it a helping of Salmon Oil will give it time to really soak into your mix so once cast into the pond as the PVA breaks down the oil will leak out drawing the fish too your hook-bait!

This can also work well if you haven’t glazed your free offering as it will help draw the fish towards your trap! You can also dip your hook-bait and sticks into the oil as another option.

4 Boost pellets

Adding oil to you pellets is another option, as the leakage will help draw the fish down to feed as explained before but adding Salmon Oil to your pellets whilst surface fishing takes surface fishing to a whole new level especially on breezy days. The oil will create a huge flat spot which will drift down the lake and it will also help you spot those cagey carp trying to be sneaky just nicking the odd mixer here and there.

5 Spod mixes

CC Moore does some fantastic spod mixes ready to go just by adding water! When spodding over zigs, adding Salmon Oil into the mix really can help keep extra attraction within the water column, it definitely helps you pick off more fish! By adding hemp, pellet and corn into the mix you can certainly give the fish plenty to go at and adding chopped boilies into the mix later on in the session really can help you prime your spot if you want to fish on the deck at night

6 Boost hook-baits

Nowadays, boosted hook-baits are something in every carp angler’s armoury!

Try to be different, rather than using just bait dips/glugs try adding a splash of Salmon Oil or even adding it on top of glugged hook-baits in small amounts and giving the pot a good shake! The oil will leak out further attraction along with the hook-bait dips which certainly help the carp home in onto your hook-bait.

7 Predator fishing

Salmon Oil is also a fantastic additive when predator fishing, soaking/injecting dead baits or even worms really does draw the attention of those hungry predators that are looking for an easy meal.

8 Bait prep

When preparing your bait give it as much time as possible to absorb Salmon Oil or various other liquid additives to make the attraction leak out longer once out in the pond. If you’re preparing bait on the bank I sometimes like to purposely leave the bucket in the sunlight to help the bait suck in the flavour!

Washing out baits but adding oil into the water as well is also certainly another edge! Just be creative!

9 Use in conjunction with other liquid additives

Salmon Oil is a fantastic additive, but using it in conjunction with other liquid food additives is always something worth trying such as Feedstim XP, Krill Amino Compound or Liquid Tuna Extract.

 10 Dip your rigs

When dipping your rigs/stick mixes into the pot of oil try dipping your coated leads into the oil too and leave it in the sun as the oil will stick to the lead and leak out in the lake once the rig’s in position!







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