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Bluebell Brute – Stephen Green

Bluebell Brute – Stephen Green

Bluebell Brute – Stephen Green 3/5 (60%) 2 votes

I turned up at Bluebell Lakes itching with excitement. I was fishing a new venue, and with limited knowledge about the place I dropped in on Kingfisher Lake. Knowing it held some big fish, I had a walk round and decided to fish Point 2, which gave me a lot of water. After chatting with Gary Dennis about the carp in the lake, he gave me some great advice and I was buzzing.

I located some clear areas in between the thick weed. Nothing much happened over the first two nights, but fish had been jumping in the darkness which needed to be investigated. On Wednesday morning, I climbed a few trees and I found a group of fish really flanking in the shallow water.

This is my sort of fishing – close and personal angling, setting my traps and keeping quiet. I fed them with Odyssey XXX and with the water being gin clear, I opted for clear leaders. I attached 18mm odyssey XXX bottom baits on all three rods but nothing happened the first night. Consequently, I redid the rods and all were clean so it was time to sit back and be patient. On 7.30 Friday morning, away went the middle rod off the spot where I had see them flanking. I applied firm pressure and after a hefty battle I saw my prize into the net – the result was a new UK PB 44lb common – well chuffed and two hours later I unfortunately lost one. A cracking session!

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