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Blog 2 – Summer Times – Alex Bransby

Blog 2 – Summer Times – Alex Bransby

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As I sit here writing my latest blog instalment, the summer is in full flow. It doesn’t seem five minutes since we were waiting in anticipation for spring to finally arrive and what feels like all of a sudden it has gone again for another year. May and June brought with it record breaking temperatures that saw the carp in many waters around the country spawn earlier than usual what with the water temperatures quickly rising enough to entice their yearly ritual.

Frustratingly, however, it seemed the fish in my chosen syndicate had other ideas and held on until well into June before getting jiggy with it.

This meant that for the 3-4 weeks leading up to the big event, it was almost like they were in limbo, as they were grouping up and chasing each other about without actually doing the deed and as an effect the fishing was generally slow for this period of time.

After returning from holiday, I received a message from the bailiff stating that the lake was to close for a week or so to finally let them get on with it in peace. I thought it was too good an opportunity to miss and as I was passing by on my travels I’d call in to see the spectacle, and I wasn’t disappointed!

Observing a group of huge commons that are usually so very wary literally swimming around your feet in the margins without a care in the world really was a sight to behold.

Knowing that a good percentage of the syndicate members tend to concentrate most of their angling time through spring up until spawning time, I was hopeful that on reopening it would be a lot quieter. This was indeed the case and on my arrival for my first over nighter back post spawning made swim selection a much easier affair than usual.

After a good walk around, it seemed crazy that I decided to set up in a tucked away swim at the end of an arm when the more popular main swims were vacant, but that was all I had to go on after spotting a couple of decent fish heading down that way.

A quick cast towards the far margin with a White Live System pop-up attached to a light lead produced a soft, but firm contact with the lake bed to indicate light silt was the destination of the first rod, closely followed by just four mini Spombs of hemp with crushed and whole 10mm Live System boilies. This completed the trap.

Finding an overnight home for the second rod proved a little trickier, as it meant a short underarm flick under an overhanging tree onto a lovely hard spot before wading the rod back down and around all kinds of marginal vegetation.

This was again primed with only four mini Spombs worth of the Live System and Hemp combo before the scene was fimally set. After setting up camp, I was sat with my first brew of the evening soaking it all up when the rod next to the overhang tightened up and bent round.

Jumping to life, I grabbed the rod, which soon took on its full battle curve. I applied steady pressure to bring the fish along and up the marginal shelves towards me and into the net, but not before giving a very good account of itself.

On lifting up the net for a quick peak at my prize, I was I was greeted with the sight of a lovely, old-looking, jet black mirror that blew me away.

The following week I was fortunate enough to be invited up north to Clearwater Fisheries situated just on the edge of the Lake District to shoot the catalogue for the up and coming Trakker Autumn/Winter product launch.

What a cracking place it was too and after getting all the new product shots done and dusted, I thought it was rude not to flick the rods out. Using similar tactics to the week previous, it wasn’t long until I was rewarded for my efforts with another cracking mirror to perfectly round of what was a very enjoyable couple of days.

Till next time…Be Lucky!

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