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Blog 2 – Pastures New & A New Boat – James Fox

Blog 2 – Pastures New & A New Boat – James Fox

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When I last put pen to paper, I was supposed to be heading off onto a local club water containing a handful of carp. But, as with all best laid plans, sometimes they don’t go how you want them too. Instead of tackling the water I originally had in mind, I decided to spend the late spring and early part of the summer on a lake I used to fish a few years back. After loading the car up with floaters I headed down there for my first session back.

I arrived in the car park buzzing to be back, only to be greeted by the sight of about 10 fish sucking at scum in a quiet corner of the lake. Instead of putting floaters out, I just decided to fish a single mixer well above the fish then let it drift on top of the fish with the wind, as to not aware them of my presence and risk spooking them.

It didn’t take long to get a take and I had a massive battle with this old original, which is a very rare one from the lake which explains the fight. After a good 15/20 minutes of ripping up and down the bay I managed to slip the net under her. After slipping the hook out, I slipped her in the sack for a little while whilst I sorted the camera gear out and a cameraman. Looking down on the mat and seeing this mid 30 scaly dog staring back at me after not fishing the lake for 2 years made the moment even better.

After doing a few shots we slipped her back and I headed off to football, with high spirits. After a few days of work, I was heading back down to the lake with a Scirocco full of mixers. I arrived to the lake, only to rock up and find it exactly the same as last time. It was literally an exact carbon copy. Once again, I had a bite on a single mixer and managed to land a quality mirror at just under 30lb. Such a buzz to get 2 originals in 2 quick trips to the lake.

Since the two quick trips between work, I haven’t really done much time on the bank. I managed two nights on the lake and had 5 stockies, lovely little fish but they were just unhooked and slipped back. I went back a few times after those two nights between work and managed another few stockies – stalking them out the edge at real close quarters. Having all of my gear organised and rigs already prepared meant that I managed to make the most of these short, hour sessions that I was lucky enough to get.

I’ve now recently started a new river venture and it has really got the bug back for me big style. For weeks, I was baiting a spot and the bait was going, but I could only ever see bream in the stretch. But, after work one day, I went to bait up and I saw 3 20lb commons tails up on the spot. That was all I needed to start fishing the stretch hard. I’ve done 5 nights on there so far and have had 5 bites, landing only two fish. Unfortunately, I lost 3 due to hook pulls because these river carp fight like a bull in a China shop and after stepping up to size 3 stiff riggers I’ve managed to land my last two bites. They’re very special fish and mean so much to me. I’ve just this week bought a boat and it has broadened my horizons now, so there will be a big exploring mission happening this week with a big bucket of Odyssey XXX, tigers and hemp on board.

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