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Blog 2 – Park Lake Success – Adam Mc Ginnis

Blog 2 – Park Lake Success – Adam Mc Ginnis

Blog 2 – Park Lake Success – Adam Mc Ginnis 5/5 (100%) 1 vote

Ive recently got a new ticket for a low stock park lake, which is a barrows distance from my new house and contains a very large carp indeed! The lake holds a further circa 18 carp and the majority of these are very old and very infrequently visit the bank. I, however, had been walking the lake very regularly for the last four weeks of the close season, and apart from the out of bounds area, I had seen some fish regularly visit another area of the lake – although never the big ‘un.

Preparing for the June 16th draw, I walked the lake again late evening of the 15th and I saw fish in the same two areas. I baited with half a kilo of whole and chopped Live System on the other spot they were visiting, hoping to come out early in the draw and get in there for the next 48hrs.

I came out fifth and chose the swim in question because, as expected, all of the swims closest to the out of bounds area were chosen first. Luckily, I managed to get into my pre-baited swim and I was more than over the moon with how the draw went!

It was at 6am that saw me barrow the gear around to the swim and I was eager to get the rods out straight away. The spot I had pre baited was only big enough for one rod so this was the rod that went out first. Fully expecting the pre-bait from the night before to have been eaten, I introduced another kilo of whole and chopped boilie.

I took my time to look for a spot for the second rod and once found, I clipped up and tied my rig on. With the spot found and ready to cast out, I received a very twitchy bite on the left hand rod. I casually strolled to the rod expecting to bend into a bream and quite unbelievably I was met with a very heavy, solid resistance! A short battle ensued and I soon had my first park lake carp in the net. A couple of the regulars popped down to help with the weighing and photographing and after checking the fish they told me how I had the rarest carp in the lake and that it was probably only its 5th bite in 8 years, with its last bite coming some 18 months previous!

On the scales she went 36lb 6oz and was immaculate, I was in total awe. Judging by the mess on the mat, she had been feeding on the bait hard! The weight was irrelevant, the history and rarity behind the fish made the capture have even more meaningful.

Once I’d come back down to earth from cloud 9, I went about shipping the rod out again with the baiting pole and apart from some very savage liners, the rest of the day and night was uneventful. The following morning I was awoken by a bream and this prompted me to put a fresh rig and bait on the spot. I baited with another kilo of bait having already dropped the rig with a spoonful of whole and chopped boilie. The daytime was also very quiet with the odd fish seen cruising out in the middle of the pond.

Later that evening, I received a ferocious take on the same rod, bending my c2 into a complete curve. A few twists and turns and flicks off the fins had my heart in my mouth, but eventually she was mine! Peering into the net I looked down onto another incredible park lake carp, only this time a common looking every bit over 30lb! Weighing her confirmed this and at 31lb 4oz I hoisted her up for the camera.

After replacing the rig with the spoon, I settled down for the evening. With a mug of tea in hand and reflecting over photos of two of the most special carp I have ever caught, I felt incredibly luckily. I had initially only joined for the lakes biggest resident but having caught and seen some of the other carp the lake has to offer, my desire to fish the lake has only heightened!

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