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Blog 2 – Effort Equals Reward – Adam Luck

Blog 2 – Effort Equals Reward – Adam Luck

Blog 2 – Effort Equals Reward – Adam Luck 3/5 (60%) 2 votes

With the weather being a lot better than the year previous, I decided that I was going to start fishing my syndicate lake in the Lea Valley. Temperatures forecast up at 17 degrees or more I was really exited to get started on the large pit. The pit is very low stock and with only 80 to 100 carp in 55 acres, it was never going to be easy and is known to be a very hard water.

Consequently, spending lots of time walking the lake was going to be key. It was very tricky to find them and I hardly saw any carp at all for a couple of weeks. There is an out of bounds area on the lake where spotting carp is very easy and this area was void of carp for 2 weeks into April. The weather was looking good for the next couple days, with temps up at about 25 degrees, so keeping an eye on the out of bounds was always going to give me a good chance of spotting the first fish.They did turn up there, but nothing massive – about 15 small fish with the biggest being about 25lb.

Despite the weather being so nice, the big carp just hadn’t woke up and with no fish showing it was making choosing a swim very difficult. As a result, I fished up near the out of bounds area for the smaller carp but they just weren’t interested in food, they were sunning themselves. It was now bank holiday weekend and the lake was very busy with most swims taken. A few fish did come out, but not for me, the fish were being caught up the north end of the lake. With so many anglers on and I just couldn’t get near the fish and so I had to sit back and listen to the catch reports from the top end from other anglers.

I returned on the Tuesday when most had to leave and I managed to slip in up that end. I fished two nights and only saw a few carp. It was a schoolboy error from me, I shouldn’t have fished this area as they had taken a battering and had now vacated. I knew where they were heading, so I drove home. I had a nice chilled few days at home, and I just knew that the fish were going to be heading down to the out of of bounds end of the lake. This end is a very nice area to fish with lots of islands and lots of water in each swim.

As I arrived at the lake, after a long 1 mile walk, I found that most swims were taken up this end. It was obvious the other anglers had the same idea. So once again I just couldn’t get onto any fish but a few swims did do the odd fish here and there. The anglers on the lake are all very good and always one step ahead all the time. On my next trip, I finally managed to get in the swim called The Bailiffs, a very good plot that covers lots of water next to the out of bounds. So, I decided I was going to do 5 nights in there. The lake bottom is literally alive and moving with crays. Most anglers on here opt for big beds of particles which does work, but I like to be different.

The fish in here love their boillies, but not many anglers use them because the crays love them too. But, when I did see people put boilies out they were using 15mm baits which the crays will just eat within the hour. As a result, I was employing 10mm size baits as you get double the amount of bait. With the sun out  I decided to place my rigs on the bars leading into the out of bounds. I was almost certain the fish were using them as patrol routes. Three plastic Enterprise fake boilies, washed-out pink and whites glugged in the Northern Special bait spray were attached. This stuff is very potent and soaks lovely into the plastics. I spombed three to four kilos of Pacific Tuna onto the bars just before dark ready for the night ahead it wasn’t long before the rod was away.

After a big battle she was in the net. I was so happy and just sat back on my bed with my head in my hands taking it all in. I had worked so hard for this fish and with it turning the dial round on the scales at 42lb I was blown away. A proper angry big-pit carp from a low stock venue is very rewarding and I’m buzzing for the rest of my season.

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