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Blog 2 – Close To Home – Daniel Taylor

Blog 2 – Close To Home – Daniel Taylor

Blog 2 – Close To Home – Daniel Taylor 5/5 (100%) 2 votes

After my recent success on the Horton complex, I was gagging to get back up there and try my luck for another of the lakes stunning creatures. Due to recently starting my own business, time really wasn’t on my side and the 3 hour drive it takes me just wasn’t ideal. Looking a little closer to home and a lake I’ve recently joined this year in the Kentish valley was just perfect, a small lake of a few acres but beautiful all the same; grass banks, gravel bars, plenty of weed with the banks covered in fallen trees it really was paradise!

My first trip was a midweek work night. Arriving at the lake at around 6pm, the wind was pumping a strong South Westerly. Within seconds of looking, I saw two shows, both short in front of swim six which luckily for me was free. Pushing my barrow into the swim, another good mirror showed in the same area no more than 10 yards from the bank. I couldn’t get my rods out of the bag quick enough with the excitement of being at a new water in perfect conditions and actually getting on some fish.

I didn’t want to make more than a couple of casts so out went two faithful hinge stiff rigs both baited with the ever faithful Northern Specials, both yellow ones.  Each cast went down with that satisfying thump and with 10 x halved Pacific Tuna’s over the top I was brimming with confidence and hopeful of a bite.

I barely had chance to put the catapult down when the tip on my right hand rod violently bent round as the buzzer let out a cry. I was into my first bite just 10 minutes into my first session and after slow, dogged fight I soon slipped the net under a lovely dark common. I had no time to see my prize, though, as the other rod was away. Before long I had two lovely old commons both sulking in the net with the bright yellow NS’s hanging from their lips!

After sorting both of my prizes I fancied another bite from the swim, as while I was doing pictures I heard another show in the general area. Two fresh rigs and pop-ups were soon back on the spots I had received the two bites from topping up with 20 half Pacific Tuna and 10 whole 18mm baits. It wasn’t until the next morning that I received anymore action, but it was truly worth waiting for, a lovely chestnut-coloured mirror just over the 30lb mark.

It didn’t end there as 20 minutes before having to pack away for work I had my 4th bite of the trip a lovely 26lb 2oz common. 14 hours fishing first time on my new water and 4 bites all landed I couldn’t have been happier and made sure to put out the rest of the Pacific Tuna I had left with me – 3 kilos of mixed 18mm and 15mms. This was the start of a very productive few weeks for me landing some awesome looking dark old scaly carp and immaculate commons.


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