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Blog 1 – Pastures New – Dan Taylor

Blog 1 – Pastures New – Dan Taylor

Blog 1 – Pastures New – Dan Taylor 3/5 (60%) 2 votes

At the start of April, it was the start of a new venture as my RK Leisure Gold card was about to start. Giving access to waters such as Horton Church Lake, Boat Pool, Kingsmead One, and so on, I was gagging just to wet a line on any of the above venues.

Before long, I was making my way around the M25 at silly o’clock in the morning in anticipation, ready for my first session, a 48 hour one to be precise.

I spent most of the morning walking the complex, taking it all in, including the famous Church and low-flying aeroplanes. On my second lap of K1, while walking over the the bridge that separates K1 from the Island Lake, I noticed a group of 5 mirrors. All of them were a good size, patrolling a sunken willow tree. I put my bucket in the nearest swim that was available called the Helipad.

It wasn’t long before I had a couple of Tuna pop-ups on my faithful hinge stiff rigs positioned perfectly where I had seen the group of carp patrolling only a few minutes previously.

It wasn’t until the next morning that I received my first bite and after a heavy, deep fight I netted a gorgeous looking, dark-bodied common, which tipped the scales at 35.08 – more than happy with my first blood.

Fresh rig tied and new pop-up tied on, I was back out on the spot. I catapulted 15mm Pacific Tuna one at a time, so as to not spook any fish still in the area. I introduced around 50 baits over both rods and after 5 minutes the left hand rod was away. I netted a small common. I continued the procedure, fresh rig and pop-up with another fifty baits. It turned out to be a very productive first trip with them taking an instant liking to the Pacific Tuna using 5 kilos during my 48 hours taking carp of 35.08 30.12 27.02 22.04 21.02 17.06.

As I write this, I’m getting ready to venture off for my second session on the historic complex, be it the Church Lake or K1. Whatever happens, I’m loaded with plenty of Tuna!


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